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If you want to usar one that these products in her work, testimonial these indict to watch if her specific use is allowed y whether you need to submit a request because that approval.

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You normally don’t have to submit uno request to usar our mapping assets for los purposes extended in this guidelines. As long as you’re adhering to our regards to Service and these guidelines, as well as attributing properly, feel free to relocate forward con your project. But do continue to review these guidelines completely to make sure your use is permitted. If your usar isn’t allowed, we’re not able to grant exceptions, so you re welcome don’t submit un request.

For commercial emplees where our mapping products are supplied for revenue-generating purposes, such as integrating Google Maps or calle View into un mobile or web app, usar Google Maps platform instead.

Personalizing your map

You may annotate ours maps con additional info – prefer points, lines, or labels. In fact, countless of our tools have built-in features that make it simple to do just that. Because that example, Google mine Maps allows you attract lines and shapes on a Google map. We also offer a Styling Wizard y a cloud-based styling device that permit you to edit los colors of separar map materials (for example, transforming water to purple), and toggle visibility because that each ingredient (for example, making roadways invisible).

If neither of those fit your needs, you might export one image from Google planet or planet Studio, or capture un screenshot from Google Maps, to include custom brand or graphics making use of third-party software.

While us encourage annotations, you should not significantly transform how Google Maps, Google Earth, planet Studio, or calle View would look online. For example, you’re not allowed to make any kind of changes to the colors of ns product user interface or eliminate attribution.

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For Google Earth and Earth studio content, you’re not allowed to significantly change our imagery without providing clear context the it’s un simulation, projection, or fictitious content.

Use of trademarks

Our trademarks room our an important assets, and we want to make sure our users y partners use them correctly. This trademarks include los Google earth word mark, Google Maps word mark, Google earth logo, Google Maps logo, Google Maps neto pin element, calle View native mark, street View icon, Pegman word mark, ns Pegman logo, localidades Guides icon, y the Plus password logo.

You may usar our trademarks to accurately describe our assets or services, as long as such referrals are appropriate y consistent con our trademark guidelines. You may only use approved execution of our marks, and you have to follow all of the normal trademark usage guidelines, ns Google Maps Platform terms of Service, and the street View trusted badge consumption guidelines. The trademark intake guidelines use even come marks the were previously (but are no longer) used in connection con our products.

Refer to our brand elements guidelines for more information around using our icons, logos, y names.

Google Maps

You might print Google Maps content for non-commercial or personal use (for example, a map with directions). In all emplees where you’ll distribution printed materials that include the content, an initial be sure to review the visión de conjunto guidelines above, especially con regard to solo use y attribution.

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Even if your use isn’t extended by solo use or some other doctrine, you deserve to still use our contents without submitting un request as largo as you follow this guidelines. Keep in mind that we’re not able to grant exceptions to these rules.