Tenerife to gran canaria

just how to get representar Tenerife to estupendo Canaria through ferry

there are number of ferry crossings per day from Tenerife to gran Canaria, con journey expression ranging representar 1.5 hr to 6 hr. Compare ferries from Tenerife to grande Canaria y find los latest update in our ferry guide.

Is there ns ferry in between Tenerife y Gran Canaria?

The Tenerife -papposo Gran Canaria ferry crossingis served several times período day. During high season, there have the right to be up to diez daily ferries.

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Ferries depart representar the port ofSanta cruz de Tenerife and arrive one of two people in los Palmas del Gran Canaria or at los port the Agaete.

The key companies operating on ns Tenerife —apoyándose Gran Canaria path are Fred. Olsen Express and Naviera Armas, while there is also uno weekly ferry cross by Trasmediterránea.

Please keep in mind that ferry schedules can adjust depending on the season. You can find real-time information,compare ferry ticket pricesand book ticketsfor ns ferry Tenerife - Gran Canaria top top amirkhanvszabjudah.com, con no adicional fees.

How long is los ferry ride desde Tenerife to estupendo Canaria?

The term of los ferryTenerife to estupendo Canaria depends on los port that arrival and the type of ferry.

The Tenerife rápido Las Palmas trip deserve to take1.5 hr come 6 hr.The ferry trip from Tenerife come Agaete is approximately 1.5 hr.

Is there a high-speed ferry from Tenerife to grande Canaria?

Yes, most ferries travelingfrom Tenerife to estupendo Canaria room high-speed. Ns fastest ferryarrivesat the port the Agaete and takesabout uno hr and veinte minto reach ns island.

How lot is los ferry desde Tenerife to grande Canaria?

The Tenerife to estupendo Canaria ferry expense usuallyranges between€27 and €45.The final ticket price have the right to be greater or lower depending on los vehicle and seat selection, as well as ns available discounts, together as los resident discount.

What’s los ferry schedule representar Tenerife to grande Canaria?

The Tenerife to estupendo Canaria ferry crossing is served by multiple ferries every day, with frequency increasing during ns summer.

The earliest ferry usually departs desde Tenerife at around 06:00 y arrives in estupendo Canaria at around 07:20 or 07:50. Los latest departure is usually at 20:00, with los ferry reaching estupendo Canaria in ~ 21:20. There is also un weekly Tenerife to ns Palmasferry that departs at 01:30 y arrives in ~ 07:30.

What's the distance between Tenerife and Gran Canaria?

The port of Santa superar de Tenerife is around 51nautical miles (94km) representar the harbor of las Palmas del Gran Canaria y about 37 nautical miles (69km) from the port of Agaete.

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Am identificación allowed come travel desde Tenerife to grande Canaria?

Yes, you have the right to travel desde Tenerife to estupendo Canaria at los moment, as movement between the Canary islands is allowed.Βear in mind, however, that take trip guidelines might change. For an ext detailed and up-to-date information, please visit los official Canary islands tourism website.

Where can identificación book cheap ferry tickets desde Tenerife to gran Canaria?

You can publication cheap ticket for ns ferry Tenerife -papposo Gran Canaria en línea on amirkhanvszabjudah.com. View all easily accessible ferry relationships on our map of ferries, compare schedules, companies y prices, y buy ferry ticket for the Canary archipelago at no adicional cost.


View of las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the calm ser at sunset

Useful tips for your ferry trip desde Tenerife to gran Canaria

Here space some travel consejos for her trip desde Tenerife to gran Canaria:

Santa la cruz de Tenerife is one of the biggest port in los Canary Islands y can obtain quite busy. We recommend getting here at ns port at the very least 1.5 hr prior to departure, particularly if you room traveling with un vehicle.The Tenerife —apoyándose Las Palmas ferry route is the best way to introduce yourself to the culture y lifestyle of estupendo Canaria. Los Palmas is un vibrant ciudad with many attractions, a lively ciudad de la ciudad coast y beautiful beaches nearby.From gran Canaria, girlfriend can atrapalo a ferry toFuerteventura y Lanzarote.Find all obtainable ferry itineraries top top amirkhanvszabjudah.com y plan her island hopping in the Canary archipelago hassle-free.

Where come take ns ferry from Tenerife toGran Canaria

You have the right to travel from Tenerife to gran Canaria through ferry representar the port of Santa Cruz, the capital of ns island.

The harbor is located in los northeast the Tenerife, around 15km from Tenerife phia băc Airport and approximately 60km representar Tenerife del sur Airport.

Bus route veinte takes youfrom Tenerife norte Airport come Santa superar de Tenerife in 25 min.To obtain to the capital from Tenerife del sur Airport, friend can captura bus 111 or 711. Los ride takes about 1.5 hr.

Can i travel on los ferry representar Tenerife toGran Canariawith ns car?

Yes, ns boat desde Tenerife to estupendo Canaria have the right to transport vehicles. One averageTenerife rápido Gran Canaria ferryprice because that a automóvil is around €40, while for motorcycles from approximately €30. Sufrir in psychic that ns garage seats because that vehicles may run out fast, therefore we indicate that you publication your coche or motorbike ticket fine in advance!

Follow amirkhanvszabjudah.com to uncover all accessible ferry ticket discounts y offers because that vehicles and easily take trip fromTenerife to grande Canaria byferry.

Ferry luggage

Each ferry company has its very own baggage pin money policy. Specifically:

Fred. Olsen Express: The company allows 20kg of luggage término person. It additionally offers trolleys to carry your bags and lockers because that €1. Keep in mind the you can only have uno piece that luggage in the lounge in enhancement to your handbags, detailed that it doesn't obstruct passageways or occupy a seat.Naveria Armas: The la empresa allows 60kg or cuatro items that luggage término person. It likewise offers trolleys to transport them.Trasmediterránea: The company allows as much as 30kg período person or 40kg in los cabins.

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Ferriesto grande Canaria desde Tenerife offernumbered seats and cabins. You have the right to book un cabin on los crossing Tenerife —apoyándose Las Palmas operated byTrasmediterránea and Naviera Armas, and numbered seat on the Fred. Olsen refer route.