Tarjeta transporte publico madrid joven

The Multi map is uno multi-personal, reloadable, contactless public carry card i m sorry is valid because that ten la edad that have the right to be offered in conjunction with different species of tickets.

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To benefit representar the discounts for huge families or civilization with uno recognised level of impairment equal to or greater than 65%.the user must have a empleado Public transport Card (TTP).


Multi Public deliver Cards deserve to be purchased along with ns ticket. Cards may also be purchased separately without adding ns ticket.

The price of a Multi map is €2.50. Because that cards purchased along with uno Tourist Ticket, the price of ns card is had in the salga price of ns ticket itself.

What tickets have the right to be loaded?

The complying with tickets deserve to be loaded:

Single Ticket valid because that Metro, TFM, metro Ligero 1 and Metro luz Oeste.10-Journey Ticket valid for Metro, TFM, Metro ligero 1, Metro ligero Oeste and city y intercity buses.

Single Tickets and Airport extra Charges, once loaded onto any card, should be supplied on the day of purchase y are thought about valid till the fin of service, no the fin of ns calendar day. If you attempt to usar it ns day delaware it to be purchased, los turnstile reader don"t expropriate it since it has actually expired.

Tickets the cannot be loaded onto ns Multi card:

30-Day Season TicketAnnual Season Ticket

For this ticket types, ns user must be in possession of a emplea Public transfer Card.

How does that work?

To use los card, you need to purchase ns ticket that is valid for los journey you great to make. It must be validated by the readers on ns operator’s equipment. One journey is deducted for each validation y the remaining journey balance appears on ns screen of ns validation devices for soltero Tickets y 10-Journey Tickets. For Tourist Tickets, when ns expiration date is draw close this information shows up on los screen.

The card have the right to be consecutively validated as many tiempo as there space passengers utilizing the service with ns same card, as long as castle begin and end their journey together. Los card supports up to numero 3 different ticket types, allowing users to make different types of journeys. Because that example: single MetroSur + Metrobús + 10-Journey on MetroNorte.

There space some rules for loading los different ticket types, together not every one of them room compatible con one another. An ext information on the compatibility of los different tickets.

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Large families y persons with disabilities that 65% or more

Because the is non-personal, the Multi card cannot be offered to receive los discounts for huge families y people with uno recognised level of disability equal to or higher than 65%.These users must have actually a emplea Public transfer Card in order to receive ns available discounts.

Balance inquiry

The balance available on public deliver cards deserve to be checked through Metro después Madrid’s official app, by using los ticket devices in the underground, Cercanías (suburban rail) stations, deliver interchange stations, authorised tobacconist shops y at designated Bankia ATMs.The turnstiles in Metro después Madrid stations inform passengers of the journeys easily accessible on single y 10-journey ticket at the time that validation. In ns case of tourist Tickets, los turnstiles will admitir for how largo the ticket is valid when ns expiry date is near.Likewise, the la villa de madrid Regional transfer Consortium has additionally developed uno ‘Public carry Card’ ("Tarjeta transporte Público") application for check the balance available on each ticket loaded on los card. An ext information.

Inspection control

All passengers, before starting their journey, need to be in possession of un valid transfer ticket for your intended journey, i m sorry must have been validated for the journey.

Throughout the journey, and until the user overcome through los exit turnstile at the destination station, los passenger should keep the ticket and show the to any kind of Metropolitan Railway certified dealer or inspector the the zona Transport Consortium upon request.

Passengers without a valid deliver ticket are compelled to pay un surcharge that €80 for making use of the servicio or make the efforts to use it without a ticket. This amountis reduced by fifty percent if payment on the spot or within quince business days. Payments must be make to los Metropolitan Railway operator.

A passenger is thought about to it is in without ns valid ticket if, once asked through an certified dealer of the Metropolitan Railway or one inspector the the regional Transport Consortium to fabricar a ticket:

The passenger is can not to produce a ticket.The passenger is can not to producido a ticket the covers or is compatible with ns journey they are making or have actually just made.The passenger produces ns ticket that has actually not been properly validated for the journey they space making or have actually just made.

The visión de conjunto conditions because that acquiring y using non-personal public carry cards have the right to be consulted at: normal terms and conditions.


The Multi map has un two-year warranty throughout which ns user is entitled to have defective cards replaced free of charge, noted that the damage is not as result of misuse of the card.

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The guarantee is controlled by los Public carry Card management Office that the la capital de españa Regional transfer Consortium.