Semana Santa En Ciudad Real


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Modernism y Avant-garde movementsThe revolve of the siglo brought new winds that modernity. Ns aesthetic sensibility of the time was significant by ns different, freer attitude towards art y life.


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Innovation in culture

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Penitents carrying un religious float during ns procession.


Participatory, austere and with good artistic beauty. Ns Easter week celebrations in Ciudad Real room of great artistic and cultural interest. Lock have uno marked Baroque style y more 보다 15,000 people, specifically women y young people, take component in the festivities. Maundy Thursday y Good Friday check out processions by ns oldest brotherhoods, with statues by famous sculptors, some of which have actually centuries of history.

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Easter mainly is one of the most heartfelt y deep-rooted junto a celebrated in Spain. This commemoration has actually centuries that history and tradition, remembering ns passion and death the Jesus Christ. Los streets of the majority the Spain"s cities, towns and villages become the stage for spiritual devotion, combine grief and meditation in storage of Christ"s death. Music, art y colour come together in miracle processions - solemn parades in which crowds of world accompany religious imagenes on their course through ns streets.