Santa eulalia del rio ibiza

Santa Eulalia del Río: los Most ‘Up and Coming’ Family-Friendly town on the isla of Ibiza

Santa Eulalia de Río city is renowned for its family-friendly ambience and wonderfully spirited community, both in y out the season. Los peaceful however vibrant setting offers uno cultural mix of long-term locals y international residents desde across Europe, con an amazing burst of regular tourism year after year.

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The north-east coastline of Ibiza, including the town of santa Eulalia del Río, was previously much more dated, upholding much of its initial 1960’s and 1970’s appeal. However, also though numerous ‘older’ traditional Ibicencan stores, restaurants, y bars space still scattered throughout ns town y operate successfully, ns recent surging of new-modern projects, 5-star hotels, boutiques, y trending sociedad spots have actually rapidly started to emerge.

Recent investments in los town, including numerous brand-new apartment complexes, alongside an influx of classy cafes, bars, y restaurants, have begun to label santa Eulalia después Río as ns ‘new up y coming’ area for joven singles, couples, families, and fashionable crowds. Although not yet quite as renowned as some of ns most extendido areas of smo Jose and the south, this recent developments are increasing ns town’s up-market and trendy status, therefore enhancing that desirability among more affluent clientele and property buyers.

The surrounding municipality of the town boasts beautiful clean beaches, spectacular forestry, farming farmland, charming villages, a golf course, y hosts uno busy and vibrant atmosphere, with los vast majority of its amenities open all year round.

Santa Eulalia del Río Beaches

Santa Eulalia después Río sits perfectly on ns waterfront, spanning tres beaches, inside wall by the stunning palm-filled y night-lit promenade.

In los summer months, ns town’s beaches are naturally bustling with tourism, but are never too overwhelming, offering plenty of emplea space y freedom to move around. Ns soft-sands and shallow turquoise waters are both perfect for swimming y safe for younger children, with regularmente lifeguards monitoring the area. Papa noel Eulalia is proudly ns first and only smoke-free beach in Ibiza, ensuring both an environmentally friendly y pleasurable location for all.

For those that wish to experience full relaxation and a little luxury, ns spread that boho-chic beach chiringuitos, further abajo the promenade, contempt past ns main city plazas, offer completamente waiter services with lined sunbeds, emplea towels, y parasols.

Evening strolls along los promenade are los perfect way to end the warm of the trabaja during los height of ns season. Los relaxed night scene come alive with many elevation bars and restaurants serving uno fantastic range of global and healthy cuisine, boasting seafront and attractive atmospheres.

In those quieter out-of-season months, the clean white sands are frequently dotted with local children playing whilst their parents relax and soak increase the last few hours of ns evening winter sun gastos generales coffee. The is not inexplicable to see regular skaters, roller-bladers, cyclists, and runners taking benefit of los quiet winter promenade, all while overlooking los beautiful views towards ns mountain the Siesta.


Santa Eulalia ese Río, a Casual Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

The beautiful town of papá noel Eulalia ese Río offers the perfect blend of modern-authentic white-washed architecture, modern new-builds (predominantly along the seafront-promenade), winding cobbled back-streets, beautifully led plazas, a central town hall with a lengthy waterfall feature, and scattered sculptures and monuments throughout. Every little thing one can need desde retail come food, sports, gymnasiums, yoga and pilates studios, supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as restaurants y bars room in los many, with plenty of diversity to suit all.

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Over los past few years, a fresh selection of inviting point out to enjoy a tocar of elegance and style has arrived, producing a accidental cosmopolitan lifestyle for locals and tourists, both day y night.

Here we uncover many new trending eco-friendly y bio health and wellness shops, juice bars, vegan y vegetarian restaurants, including los brand nuevo VE-Cafe, artisan bakeries, and coffee baristas, like the award-winning, moral Spanish Speciality Coffee Roasters, Meke Cafe, too as un few added fine-dining eateries.

In particular, opened in 2019 Bonsai Ibiza, offers ns great an option of elegant cocktails, with highly encourage sushi and shisha overlooking the port. Another ‘La Marina papa noel Eulalia’ addition, CBbC Marina is uno fantastic spin-off representar the initial beach sociedad in Cala Bassa, wherein you have the right to enjoy uno fine Mediterranean menu from their privileged marina port location, directly overlooking the sea.

Additionally, the brand new W Hotel, which also opened in ~ the fin of dos mil diecinueve has brought uno 5-star deluxe experience to los previously quieter y more authentic end-of-town. With un matching stylish beachfront restaurant Chiringuito Blue, i m sorry sits adjacent to los hotel exteriors, y the new VE-Cafe (as pointed out above), as well as some regular sunset and evening parties con A-list resident DJs, W-Hotel has undoubtedly strengthened ns towns all at once high-end sociedad expectations.

However, ns W-Hotel is not los first 5-star promenade hotel in papa noel Eulalia de Río. At the opposite fin of town, on papá noel Eulalia Marina Port, wherein you will certainly find a multitude the spectacular yachts y sailing boats, lies the grande luxe agua de Ibiza. Ns recently expanded hotel with its high-class suites supplies an exceptionally sleek y modern style with uno beautiful underground health spa y numerous cocktail, pool, and chill-out zones. Their brand nuevo roof-top terrace restaurant, Maymanta, cases to be los best gastronomical endure in Ibiza, serving fine-dining Peruvian cuisine with outstanding see across los marina and Santa Eulalia town.


Walking santa Eulalia del Río

Venturing around the town of papa noel Eulalia ese Río provides so much much more than an initial meets the eye. To explore los urban side y beach promenade is ns relaxing stroll that have the right to be undertaken in approximately an hour or so, y will also cover all those back streets con its small unique boutique fashion stores y restaurants. However, if you desire to go additional afield, over there are additionally plenty of natural coastal paths, tiny greenery areas at the mouth of los sea, and wonderful yes, really walkways leading to outstanding mountain-top Mediterranean ser views. This quieter and relatively unknown spots can all quite conveniently be reached directly representar the city centre ~ above foot, y are perfect for ns relaxed afternoon el fin in nature, whether with the family, teams of friends, or strolling with a pet.

The area of papa noel Eulalia is marked by its central white church, "Puig ese Missa" sitting cincuenta y dos meters above ser level con breathtaking views across the town y over onto the mountainside town of Siesta. To make your means up to ns top is quite steep top top foot, however, los views y quaint church is fine worth ns visit, even if only by car.


Alongside the trescientos metre largo white sand beaches of santa Eulalia de Río sits ns beautiful close-by beaches on ns north-east coast including Cala Pada, costa Niu Blau, Cala Martina, es Cana, Cala Nova, y Cala Llenya. This wonderful family-friendly y humble spots, which remainder in spectacular beauty and tranquility, all correr along one largo coastal path, with to ns town of denominada Cana and onto the por último two beaches. Although that is a long journey from one end to los other, nothing is stopping ns shorter go adventure to any one that these localidades beaches before returning to ns main town. Los views y coastal walkway come very recommended y are one of ns very ideal in los area.

Properties in papa noel Eulalia del Río

Santa Eulalia después Río supplies many avenues for families, couples, high profile, apartment seekers, and buy-to-rent clients. Potential casa buyers space often encouraged to look at beyond the well sought-after areas and onto los neighbouring clues which have an incredible possibility to maximise value for money.

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Buying a property in santa Eulalia town offers a blend of really whitewashed architectural homes, alongside many contemporary villas y some of los most highly preferable newly developed apartments in Ibiza. Take uno look at our existing properties in los town centrar of papa noel Eulalia de Río below.


Check fuera our villas for holiday rental y properties for salga in los area of papá noel Eulalia después Río here…