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Every year ~ above 31st December, since 1964, la capital de españa stages the most multitudinous athletics occasion in Spain.Sport and celebration come together in un 10-kilometre race in which sophisticated dress and artificial snow juego a part. Keep an eye fuera for as soon as registration opens since places run el fin fast!

The event consists of two different competitions: ns fun operación (participants need to be over the period of 16) y another because that professionals.The food is not as well demanding for runners as ocho of its 10 kilometres are virtually all downhill.

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The fun operación is hosted at 5.30 pm. Los departure (Calle Concha Espina) is hold by times, making los race faster. The internacional competition starts out at 8pm and participants encompass today"s leading international stars.

The Vallecas stadium is los official finishing línea for the experto race whilst amateurs arrive to ns grounds outside the stadium.

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Race city Location Map - zoom in · zoom el fin · big mapa displays approximate race place ·

Male27:41Daniel Simiu25KEN
2nd Male28:08Eyob Ghebrehiwet28ITA
3rd Male28:13Paul Chelimo29USA
4th Male28:14Mike Foppen24NED
Female31:17Yalemzerf Yehualaw21ETH
2nd Female31:50Ruth Chepngetich26KEN
3rd Female33:00Alessia Zarbo19FRA
4th Female33:07Carolina Robles29ESP

The inaugural smo Silvestre Vallecana gyeongju in mil novecientos sesenta y cuatro was winner by Jesus Hurtado the Spain who additionally won ns race los following year, although his gyeongju time and the enteramente distance of los race were no recorded. It was in mil novecientos sesenta y seis when ns race organizers decided to record los official times of ns racers and measure the regalo distance of the course.

This time though, los race to be won by Mariano Haro, also from Spain, that needed 23 minutes and 34 seconds to finish los course which was then only 7.9 kilometers long. For los women’s category, the inaugural winner was Grete Waitz that Norway who won los race, i m sorry was 10 kilometers largo in 1981, con a time of treinta y cuatro minutes and diecisiete seconds. Gastos generales the years, numerous different runners from different countries participated in los event which resulted in the race having winners of various nationalities. Los host país Spain despite holds the record for many wins con male Spanish runners winning quince of the 47 men’s races held while ns female Spanish runners dominated the women’s gyeongju by winning 20 of the treinta y uno races held because 1981.

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Furthermore, Isaac Vicosia of Spain hold the distinta record for many wins in ns men’s classification by winning the race a enteramente of 4 times. He winner his first smo Silvestre Vallecana gyeongju in mil novecientos noventa y seis with uno time 25 minutes and cincuenta seconds although los course for the year to be measured to be only 9 kilometers long. The missed el fin in 1997, 1998, and 1999, but he dominated at los turn the the century by winning the race for tres consecutive año from dos mil – 2002. On ns women’s side, Spain continued their dominance of los race con Spanish runners Patricia Arribas and Marta Dominguez by winning the race 3 times each. Patricia Arribas finished ns race first in 1997, 1998, y 2000. Marta Dominguez on ns other hand, won los race in 2002, 2003, y 2008.