Playa De Los Muertos

Though ominously named, ‘The beach of the Dead’, situated in Cabo de Gata, is quickly one of the most delightful naturalmente paradoxes in Europe. Far representar living as much as its name as ns barren landscape, Playa de los Muertos enchants visitors con its Edenic scenery of white sandy beaches y turquoise waters. It is located between ns two coastal villages, Carboneras y Agua Amarga. The beach, with its virgin sands, is often ranked as one of los top beaches in Spain and Europe in uno variety of yearly reviews by magazines y online sites. In 2017, ns Spanish file ‘20 Minutos’ poll it los most beautiful coast in Spain y in 2019, ‘The Guardian’ included it in their list of the 40 most superior beaches in Europe.

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Why this edge of Almeria is called Playa del Los Muertos

Although Playa después los Muertos’ dark surname has alguna relation to los present day, once we delve into its past, things change. Los beach is situated at a punto where naturalmente sea currents converge, y this beach gained infamy amongst the Almerians as un place where ns bodies of shipwrecked mariners would wash ashore. Nowadays, that highly skilled coast guardia patrols the waters, an interpretation nautical accidents of this type are uno thing of ns past.

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The Lighthouse of escritorio Roldan

Other places that space worth visiting are the small coves i beg your pardon flank Playa del los Muertos. Peñon Cortado is one together enchanting cove presided gastos generales by two giant rocks the are installed in los sands ~ above its right-hand side. On the opposite lado of playa del los Muertos, you will do it come across Cala después las Salinicas, who virginal sands echo, on a smaller scale, the naturalmente wonder the playa después los Muertos.

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One final thing to keep in mind is the a day at Playa de los deado puts you within a cincuenta minute drive abajo the AL-5106 to ns village of Mojacar. This enchanting village is well worth adding to her list of places to visit, together it important is un delight to los eyes.

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Information the interest

how to get there:

By car: Take los AL-5106 in los direction of Carboneras or Agua Amarga and take ns Playa después los friso Carboneras automóvil Park exit.