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The 2021 Mini Countryman, Mini"s only SUV, is ns relatively unconventional subcompact in a crowded vehicle segment. Released in dos mil diez and currently in its 2nd generation, the Countryman is a premium crossover with uno retro design, sporty looks, and a quirky interior. Functioning as un bit of an SUV/hatchback mix, ns Countryman, though pricier 보다 other similar or better-equipped models in its class, is Mini"s best-selling vehicle. Refreshed because that the 2021 model year and available with ns choice of dos powertrains, we tested the dos mil veintiuno Cooper S Countryman variant fitted with the more an effective 2.0-liter turbo I-4 generating 189 hp and doscientos seis lb-ft the torque. Pushing that power to los wheels vía an eight-speed automatic, our cheque vehicle, special ALL4 all-wheel drive y sporting ns Iconic trim package, lugged an as-tested price the $43,850.

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In our figure-eight managing test, the dos mil veintiuno Mini Cooper S Countryman recorded a 26.6-second lap tiempo at an average of 0.65 g. We uncovered it far much more sorted y fluid in its dealing with than the more high-quality Mercedes-AMG GLB35, because that one example. (The AMG was quicker, however it didn"t feel all that great.) the all-wheel-drive mechanism felt far much more effective here, as we were able to keep our manos calm in the corners. In other words, it drives like a Mini—just a bigger Mini.

For context, ns Volvo XC40 R-Design T5  we tested in 2018 needed 6.7 secs to reach 60 mph, and its finest quarter-mile power registered 15.1 seconds at 90.9 mph. That 60-0-mph protecting against distance came in at ciento veinte feet. Benefit Mini. The similarly sized and priced XC40 didn"t oscuridad the Countryman, but it definitely had much better performance figures.

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By Mini standards, the four-door Countryman is quite uno big chap. Los horsepower and torque can feel underwhelming, specifically when you aren"t using deporte mode. Also so, ns oversized Countryman drives with los agility of uno two-door Mini Hardtop if offering polished ride quality, y it produces less wind noise contrasted to the counterpart. Ns adaptive suspension gobbles up roadway imperfections neatly, help to provide that unruffled ride.

Along small scenic roads with substantial curves, the 2021 Mini Cooper S Countryman drive smoothly on pavement, showing fantastic body control alguna matter how conveniently we turned los steering wheel. We pressed the throttle tough through corners and expected ns Mini suv to ultimately trip gastos generales itself; however, los Countryman handled those turns like ns champ. Steering is responsive y feels connected, y the brakes room on los satisfyingly firm página when it"s time to bleed speed.

The dos mil veintiuno Mini Cooper S Countryman has a charming appearance y proper packaging. Inside, friend find standard Mini features such as los round 8.8-inch touchscreen, the bubbly steering wheel, faux aluminum switches, y a small 5.0-inch digital instrument cluster. The power-adjustable, heated sport seats are well bolstered y comfortable. Y if you look closely, ns Union Jack bandera in the headrests is a nice touch.

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The small infotainment display can come across as uno rip-off at an initial blush, but you then realize it"s useful. Its design y simple menu format create un user-friendly experience; us couldn"t assist but enjoy ns Pac-Man-like template of the streets highlighted in eco-friendly while following los navigation in der Angeles. (Turn off the points-of-interest setup to clear up ns clutter on los map.) ns navigation is exceptionally accurate, too, while los head-up screen is a nice device for mirroring you uno snapshot that your siguiente turn, freeway exit, y so forth.

The top-of-line above trim grade expenses $8,000 and includes everything in ns Classic and Signature trim levels. Los Iconic trim to add ALL4 fuera de styling, ns power liftgate, Harman Kardon audio system, panoramic moonroof, premium leather upholstery, uno complete an option of paint, y performance summer tires.

Additional tecnología features the are part of ns Iconic trim include Apple CarPlay, wireless charging, ns head-up display, and a dynamic digital gauge cluster. Android coche is not available. Moreover, front collision warning, un rearview camera, front automatic emergency braking, and rear-parking distance direccion come standard.

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The dos mil veintiuno Mini Cooper S Countryman suffers ns bit desde cheap-plastic syndrome. For example, the center console, bezels, paddle shifters, and power window/door lock switches are made desde the stuff. On the upside, ns rear seats with split-folding seat espaldas recline y slide, which is a sweet feature. Correo storage, measuring 47.6 cubic feet, seems spacious enough to fit ns good chunk that your emplea items during uno cross-country move.

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With one as-tested price the $43,850, the dos mil veintiuno Mini Cooper S Countryman commands uno high premium because that what friend get. Return it"s retro-cool and charming, los price arguably walk not match the totalmente package. Part buyers could rather consider other comparably priced alternatives, including the Volvo XC40, Lexus UX, BMW X1, and Audi Q3. Yet make alguna mistake: Eccentric y somewhat unique, the 2021 Mini Cooper S Countryman is nonetheless ns delight come drive.

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2021 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 Specifications
BASE PRICE$34,750PRICE as TESTED$43,850VEHICLE LAYOUTFront-engine, AWD, 5-pass, 4-door SUVENGINE2.0L Turbo direct-injected DOHC 16-valve I-4POWER (SAE NET)189 hp
1,350 rpmTRANSMISSION8-speed automaticCURB load (F/R DIST)3,666 libra (58/42%)WHEELBASE105.1 inLENGTH x width x HEIGHT169.8 x 71.7 x 61.3 in0-60 MPH7.1 secQUARTER MILE15.4 dividir