Maria De La Purisima

Among modern saints only hombre Paul II was canonised much faster than María del la Purísima of los Cross (1926-1998), born Maria Isabel Salvat Romero, canonised on dieciocho October 2015 by Pope Francis.

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Among modern saints only hombre Paul II was canonised faster than María del la Purísima of ns Cross (1926-1998), born Maria Isabel Salvat Romero, canonised on 18 October 2015 by Pope Francis.

For specific manifestations of holiness, this Spanish nun is reminiscent of mother Teresa of Calcutta. “In the house of God over there are cuales services much more humble 보다 others, all room high”, she said herself y her sister of the sociedad of los Cross. Because that almost veintidos years, until her death, she was los Mother visión de conjunto of the congregation. However even among the many duties the this place entailed, she found tiempo for physical functions of mercy, un constant authorize of her life in the servicio of God: she visited ns sick, washed your wounds y clothes, y cooked because that them.

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The third of eight children, born y raised by wealthy parents, she do her very first Communion at ns age that six. She to be still ns young girl when, accompanying she aunt, ns nun, on ns visit to un family in need, she felt the desire come live like los poor children she had actually met. Uno few days later she take it them new shoes. She construed that Jesus love them. And this illumination of los soul, accompanied by tender devotion to Our Lady, to whom she dedicated un special gesture every Saturday to do her happy, soon led to the decision to consecrate it s her to God.

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She was always attentive to every her other sisters, particularly to those who were ill. Throughout her time as Superior general she also experienced the sadness that the institute being separation into dos provinces because of some interior misunderstandings, despite later los situation was resolved. She educated los novices, make the efforts to pass on her gifts to them. “The more powerful our love for los Lord, los more us love our vocation y we room enthusiastic about everything that belongs to us: love for los poor, gift at los feet that all... Due to the fact that we view in it methods to show our love come Him”. She to be tireless until just uno few days prior to her death, despite los illness that had largo affected her. When ns doctor revealed to her ns nature y severity of the tumour that would bring about her death, mary smiled in ~ him, quoting Psalm 122: “I was glad as soon as they claimed unto me, permit us go into the house of the Lord!” (Ps 122:1).