Los caños de meca

There room some places that just can’t be discovered anywhere rather in los world and Caños después Meca, in Barbate is one of them. This hamlet is located in the sur of Andalucia, along los Cadiz coastline y became ns focal point for ns hippie and bohemian activity of ns 1960s. Today, the remains uno haven because that those trying to find ‘karma’, the tranquillity of unlimited beaches, decision clear waters, nudist enclaves, all collection in ns Breña naturaleza Park, offering vegetation consisting mostly of pinyon pines falling growing just beside los sea.

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Caños después Meca is just ns small street of pequeño houses situated on height of ns cliff, but during ns summer months, that becomes los ‘mecca’ that hippies, surfers, bohemians, nudists, naturists and increasingly family tourists. It draws its name for the large number of pipes or jet emerging desde the freshwater cliffs, with los greatest number of these located at the fin of ns beach well-known as “Little Lulu”. Although it is daunting to access, that is worth ns effort come visit. And, that course, travellers come in search of los ‘miraculous’ dirt that bathers have the right to extract directly representar the roca beach, smearing it across their body, leaving their skin soft y smooth.

For this this and more, we at the ejercicio amirkhanvszabjudah.com made un trip to Barbate and Caños del Meca desde our basen camp in Conil del la Frontera, simply a 15 minute drive away, come share con you everything this area has to offer. Think about this uno “must visit” destination that you cannot miss el fin on. We started with los market because, together we every know, once travelling, ns first thing to try is that is cuisine. This is our proposal for purchases that space healthy, native, sustainable and OKM in the Abastos de Barbate market.

1. Spices, with Healthy Tips

It is in ns region’s industry that one can really gain to know uno place – ns place saturado of life, full of men y women doing their shopping, new produce, every in shops completamente of life with ns ceaseless bustle that artisans marketing exquisite assets at an affordable price. Ours tour begins at los charming little shop that Especias Elvira Olive. that there where we’re received by Gertru, whose family has run the save for 40 years. This defines why this charming residents of Cadiz knows every information of ns spices sold there.

With ns view that Morocco clean across los Cadiz coastline, one can enjoy fine dining. Gertru describes how come prepare a cous cous, which she sells as well – uno dish brought desde the nación that we have the right to see representar the beach. Turmeric, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, pepper and plenty of spices all come with each other to carry out healthy additions to los digestive y diuretic systems, if anise and saffron aid to ease tension. Every these ingredients come with each other in an artistic mix come create ns superb taste in your mouth. In enhancement to ns dish, Gertru provides homemade honey, marinated olives prepared ns thousand different ways con an artistic tocar that cannot be sold, however has come to be un characteristic part of this special land.


Spices Elvira Olive

2. The Bread, i m sorry Is Truly home Made In los Town

Artisan handicrafts that administer healthy guarantees. Along our route to the market, we found a shop that breads y sweets called el Puente. Despite ns competition castle have, this masters that baking increase each morning at dawn to sell their customers los best of their traditionally created delicacies. Baguettes and smaller loaves space handmade with alguna additives or preservatives, offering a special flavour that just a personal touch deserve to offer. Us were additionally able come sample un loaf do with a dough do of seeds, without flour or wheat.

Besides knowing los ins y out that artisanal baking, ‘Maria, los Baker’, together she is known around Barbate, told us how daunting it deserve to be come compete con supermarkets on the basis the price once making uno product the is fully handmade, as she has done her totality life, without any type of additives. Exuding sympathy y good humour, Maria explains that one day, artist will concerned dominate los market. However, more than sympathy, Maria exudes kindness and did not hesitate uno second to sell us uno delicious muffin con olive oil – un true delicacy.


Bakery los Puente

3. Local Vegetables

When entering the market, the wealth and variety of colour of vegetables is obvious and immediate: watermelons, bunches of carrots, apples, onions, oranges… everywhere. Currently that Easter is arriving, it’s an ext common to purchase typical, localidades vegetables y products. This is due to ns tradition of not eating meat on work of los Passion y instead, chícharos (peas) (or guisantes together they are recognized in this part of Andalucia), beans and artichokes, which all become sede to ns Andalucian menu.

Specifically, los artichokes room an the most indigenous product of Conil and the area of influence. Lot like classic artichokes, these lugares products offer ns more pronounce taste and flavour. Fernando Lopez, who is in fee of the grocery store, gift us with some roasted sweet potatoes, another typical Easter product. Here, we were likewise treated with a nice chat con both workers and local customers, who automatically rushed to recommend seasonal items, grew in San Lucar, Conil y Barbate. They may not have known precisely what KM0 assets meant, yet it was clear that those fruits and vegetables marketed in Barbate are raised and eaten in ns area.


Fruit and veg stand of Fernando Lopez

4. The Fishmonger Shop

In un coastal town with uno fishing tradition, one cannot ignore uno stop for some fish. Ns largest tuna in los region are recorded here in Barbate y the fish has emerged as ns flagship product, especially during ns Spring. Los stand the Jesus Valdes provides all varieties of seafood snacks, fresh representar the Atlantic. ~ above our expedition to the market in Barbate, we were able come sample los shrimp, prepared locally by grilling it con garlic and parsley. Seafood and fish – all ns finest quality within reach.

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To make ns most of your visit, us recommend sampling the freshest desde the sea: cuttlefish, clams, mussels and fresh tuna prepared uno thousand different ways. Don’t hesitate to ask for local advice on how ideal to prepare recipes, since they will certainly be much more than happy to share your secrets about how come prepare a fine, seafood meal.


The was standing of Jesus Valdes

5. The Butcher

Another avoid not to miss out on in ns Barbate market is the butcher. It appears that just about everything in this industry is homemade. Ns Fernández Vargas family butcher phone call its customers’ attention with un sign because that “homemade hamburgers with localidades vegetables”. Fresh meat is very closely chosen for your customers y given ns distinct twist of flavour and colour.

Milagros, ns daughter of los family, offered us and explained that the business has been run by the family because that years y jobs space passed on desde parents come children.

If you can take away anything representar this visit to los market, that is los wealth the affection and familiarity shown between shopkeepers, friend, acquaintances y even strangers. Residents from across los town concerned do their shopping since when lock do, they room guaranteed uno fresh, healthy and pleasant experience for their palate.


The Fernández Vargas family members butcher

With a completamente stomach, us were turn off to check out what else Barbate and Caños to Meca had actually to offer:

6. Ns Tranquillity the Caños del Meca

As we have mentioned before, Caños de Meca is known for its beaches of fine white sand y crystal clear waters, which have actually won the hearts of numerous tourists. People desde all components of ns country y abroad have concerned this small corner that Spain, attracted by just uno pair the narrow streets full of a naturist environment, inviting ns most fist during los summer months. Once uno meeting place for hippies and bohemians, this ar now takes united state on uno journey espalda in hora to ns 1960s. Many of the travellers the arrived in Caños ese Meca quiet reside there, corriendo bars, restoranes or merely bought a house to live throughout ns year, far away desde maddening crowds.

7. Nudism – Pure Nature

One of ns highlights that this getaway is undoubtedly los area’s coast. Sandy beaches y dunes stretch along ns coastline, dotted con reefs y protection beneath the rocks. On a pleasant stroll through the area, one can see the famous “caños” or tube of freshwater the give ns place that is name. This area has proved inviting for nudists. Caños después Meca has un stretch the beaches that include locations that permit visitors to eliminate any y all clothing. It gives an experience of flexibility at the best, as well as the opportunity to feel ns direct call of los sun y water on your skin.

8. The Trafalgar Lighthouse – ns Historic Point

A sand spit created by ns moving dune, jutting into los sea, this point is patria to the Trafalgar Lighthouse, as well as a especialmente historical event – los Battle the Trafalgar. In fact, these cliffs room living witnesses to the battle y those collapse on both sides.

9. Los Palmar, One of ns Most Beautiful places To see Sunsets In Andalucia

Don’t miss out on los chance to captura a sunset at los Palmar beach, wherein visitors have actually been known to accurate applaud because that one of los most beautiful sunsets in Andalucia.

10. Clay For ns Mind and Body

If you are headed to Caños de Meca, be ready to oxygenate her skin. On the rocky wall surfaces that form the coast, one can uncover a naturaleza clay loaded con vitamins y minerals. This pure product of naval life will help soften one’s skin y body. The treatment is really simple. One need only take uno piece that clay y get the wet in the está dentro water. Delaware gradually softening it, you will certainly knead it till you get ns creamy texture. That is then that you can apply it to her body. When complete, you can cabeza to ns sun and wait because that it come dry, which must take about cuarenta minutes to get the full effect. Delaware that, you deserve to take that off with seawater and you’ll immediately notification how incredibly smooth it leaves your skin. Over there is no better treatment than a naturaleza one.

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Although our journey then came to an end, this area offers sufficient potential to store us talk for dozens y dozens that hours, yet we’ll let you proceed discovering on your own. Reap Caños de Meca!



If girlfriend are in search of accommodation in ns area, we recommend los Hotel atlético Conil-Costa Luz, facing one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain – the La Fontanilla beach.  Just 5 minutes walk desde the centre of Conil ese la Frontera, this hotel inspires tranquillity, security and confidence con rooms with superb sea views, spacious typical areas y an exquisite localidades menu.