La Liga Font 2018

I am i m really sorry but the La unión 2017/2020 font is only available to those who will make a donation.The La coalición 2017/2020 font is a donationware font, meaning that girlfriend are required to make uno donation prior to you have the right to receive los La liga 2017/2020 font. I will leaving it up for you to decidir how lot to donate but please be generous. The font is in both TTF y OTF formats. To offer you a chance come evaluate ns font y play with it, ns demonstration font with a very limited number of personalities consisting of ns letters ABCDE y the number 01 is obtainable for download.

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How to make un donation
Enter the amount that you want to donate and, as previously mentioned, you re welcome be generous.Make certain that you are making the donation come amirkhanvszabjudah.coms
gmail.comProvide various other information required by PayPal y follow instructions from PayPal.Submit los donation.Send us an e-mail at amirkhanvszabjudah.coms y let us recognize about ns donation the you just made. Ns font will certainly be sent out to los email deal with used come make the PayPal donation.We give credit to those who make un donation. Allow us understand if friend want the donation to be cotton so that your name won"t be discussed on los page.Additional Conditions
You space not permitted to use the La liga 2017/2020 font as ns webfont.We will certainly only al honor donations for La liga 2017/2020 that is made come our PayPal account, amirkhanvszabjudah.coms Uno donation for los La unión 2017/2020 font walk not use to other fonts the may likewise require a donation. In the same way, donations for other fonts will not use as donation for the La liga 2017/2020 font. Donations for various other fonts must be made separately.Give us 24 hours, in ~ most, come send you ns font. This is to provide allowance for time zone differences.The donation is non-refundable once ns font has already been emailed to the donor.We will just entertain inquiry of refunds because that donations sent to amirkhanvszabjudah.coms reserve ns right to reject un donation. Donations that space not welcomed will it is in refunded to ns donor"s PayPal account. This is the only acceptable means of refunding uno donation.In situation of uno refund, los donor agrees to shoulder PayPal"s refund transaction fee amounting to usd 0.30 (30 us cents), which will certainly be deducted desde the quantity to it is in refunded.By sending un donation for ns La coalición 2017/2020 font method that friend agree to every of the conditions discussed on this page.


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