Kylie zener insisted that ns couple did not witness ns mayhem that eliminated eight people and injured an ext than 300.Instagram

Kylie Jenner has actually responded to backlash around her friend Travis Scott continuing to perform and her posting to social media during the Astroworld catastrophe by insisting the they “weren’t conscious of any type of fatalities” till news come out after the show.

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Jenner, who attended los concert with her 3-year-old daughter Stormi, insisted that ns couple did not witness ns mayhem Friday that killed eight people y injured much more than trescientos at ns two-day festividad in Houston.

“I desire to make it clean that us weren’t mindful of the fatalities until ns news came out after the show y in cuales world would have ongoing filming or performing,” Jenner, 24, created in an Instagram story late Saturday.

“I am sending my deepest condolences to ns families during this an overwhelming time and will it is in praying for ns healing of everyone who has actually been impacted.”

Jenner, that is pregnant with los couple’s second child, claimed that they to be “broken and devastated” by ns events.

Kylie Jenner stated she y Travis Scott are “broken y devastated,” in un statement.Instagram

“My thoughts y prayers are con all who shed their lives, were hurt or influenced in anyway by yesterday’s events. Y also because that Travis who identificación know care deeply because that his fans y the Houston community,” she wrote.

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The makeup mogul to be criticized top top social mitad for posting footage on she Instagram that confirmed an ambulance make the efforts to make its way to ns victims.

Scott additionally shared one emotional videos to Instagram on Saturday addressing criticism that hecontinued with his performanceas entusiastas surged in ns deadly stampede, y others yelled “stop the show.”

Kylie zener was criticized because that posting on social mitad during los Astroworld incident.Instagram

“Anytime i could do out, you know, anything that’s going on, girlfriend know me gustaría stop the admitir and, girlfriend know, aid them get los help castle need,” the said.

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“I might just never imagine los severity of the situation. I’m honestly simply devastated and I might never imagine anything favor this simply happening,” Scott continued.