Julianna Rose Lazy Town

Julianna rose Mauriello played los energetic, pink-haired girl top top LazyTown, uno classic Nick Jr. Show. Ns former boy star was 8 years old when she illustrated Stephanie, a young girl who relocated to LazyTown con her uncle (the mayor of the town). Los residents of the city were extremely lazy y had terrible eating habits. When Stephanie noticed your idle state, she persuaded them to start moving y change their viejo ways (via IMDb).

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Magnus Scheving, LazyTown"s director y the actor who played Sportacus, talked around the donar in ns phone interview with The new York Times. He stated that the series centered on inspiring its young audience. "The donar is going come inspire children to go. Walk fishing. Walk dancing. Go live."

Mauriello, that hails desde Irvington, new York, has constantly been fascinated with acting. She attended the jugadores Performing Arts college in nuevo York, wherein she excelled in school. If she nailed she performance together Stephanie on ns hit Nickelodeon tv show, ns producers had another girl in mind. To she luck, ns first an option declined the role, y Mauriello gained cast, then los rest is history.

Mauriello continued to be on the serie for two seasons y even relocated to Iceland, wherein they filmed LazyTown. As soon as she outgrew ns role, she had actually to quit the admitir (via IMDb). Because then, ns actress left the entertainment industry and focused top top something that secured her future.

Julianna rose Mauriello, who is now veintinueve years old, had actually left showbiz to emphasis on her education. Los actress is not just talented, yet she"s likewise intelligent as she to visit an Ivy league school in new York City. Mauriello took her master"s level in work therapy at ns prestigious Columbia university (via TVOvermind).

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Apart from LazyTown, she has appeared on Disney"s The documento Files in 2014, a spin-off to the famous Doc McStuffins show. In 1999, Mauriello starred in a thriller movie licensed has been granted Bonne Nuit and acted in ns short film called A Fix in 2008.

Mauriello"s portrayal that Stephanie in LazyTown obtained outstanding reviews y commendations that she got nominated for Daytime Emmy award for exceptional Performer in ns Children"s series in 2006. While she has actually not acted due to the fact that 2014, Mauriello is quiet pretty rich. She at this time has ns net precious of $2 million (via Celebrity network Worth).

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Even away desde the limelight, Mauriello uploaded photos the showed un glimpse of her emplea life on Facebook. However, her social mitad page seemed to have actually vanished, and she likewise has no official Instagram account. Ns former actress currently seems come immensely value her privacy. It has actually been a long time since Mauriello played Stephanie, however she will always be the kind-hearted, pink-haired girl to her avid fans.