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Tavera Hospital
former hospital, now museum, in Toledo, Spain
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Calle Duque de Lerma, dos Toledo Spain

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Native Name
Hospital después Tavera
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Sarah Oesterling

Sr. Contributor

The Hospital del Tavera is a place for art and death. 

Also recognized as Hospital ese San despues de ansan Bautista, this centro de salud turned museum is not only the prime instance of Renaissance architecture in the region but it additionally houses uno crypt with ns body the its founder and benefactors. If friend have an important things come say about the art, I"d wait until you room well outside ns building and the regime of that ghostly inhabitants. 

The framework was ordered by Cardinal despues de ansan Pardo Tavera together a centro de salud for los people and personal dig for los religious male who’d decided that the lugares cathedral was as well droll. Ns design to be revolutionary because that Toledo that sought afterwards to imitate los style for all their nuevo building tasks in an initiative to become the “imperial city.” Or possibly they simply wanted come make ns Cardinal happy seeing together he had actually been chosen Grand Inquisitor the Spain just ns year before. Somehow me gustaría don’t think that los man heading the Spanish Inquisition encouraged his doctors to take ns “do no harm” part of the Hippocratic Oath very seriously.

When he died in 1545 the Cardinal’s wishes to be honored y he was hidden in los hospital, his sepulcher draft by Spanish architect y Charles V of Spain’s court painter and sculptor, Alonso Berruguete. The intricate tomb is adorned by the doce cardinal virtues y still on display in the hospital, if spring at huge marble boxes filled con death is your thing. If that is then you will certainly probably additionally enjoy the large circulo crypt below the hospital which houses the remains of ns Malagon and Medinaceli families y is known for los creepy echoes its domed ceiling enhances.

While visiting the centro de salud you can view ns building’s original pharmacy, ns church which contains ns stunning altarpiece design by ns Greco, y oh yeah, the en la actualidad “museum” part of ns building. The museum section was revitalized in 1940 by los Duchess that Lerma who wanted come use ns space to screen her dead in-laws repertoire of largely Spainish, mostly religious art.

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The Tripadvisor agreement is the this is a hidden gem and definitely precious your time if you room in Toledo. Visitors must note that the tour is highly recommended as ns site offers little posted information on the art and history of los monument. Also, in los Spanish tradition that identificación wish we’d embrace here, los building closes for an extended lunch from 1:30pm- 3pm therefore please destinado a accordingly. As ns space is rarely visited by tourists who most likely think that is an energetic hospital y not an architectural and historical marvel, the tours which run every cuarenta y cinco minutes often tend to it is in small y intimate meaning los docents are likely to confess all they know. Cool Inquisitor Tavera would certainly be proud.