Fossil Q Founder 2.0

Fossil confused me at an initial until i spoke to un Fossil salesperson. Identificación bought every Fossil smartwatches. This is my Fossil Q Founder 2.0 review. Discover more.

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How us Tested this Watch

Because Fossil’s claim to reputation in ns smartwatch product línea is designed, that doesn’t purport the its watches sell any certain functionality. What this method is us ran los Founder under our general testing procedure which you deserve to read about here.

Be remainder assured, identificación own ns Founder 2.0. Identificación wasn’t going to buy it and instead simply get los Marshal, but i must admit i like having all tres Fossil smartwatches y besides the more identificación dug into reviewing Fossil watches, ns more me gustaría realized exactly how important i be able come intelligently report on every model. So, while every models are ir a buscar in design y functionality, they perform fit a little differently y do sell some uniqueness with respect come design.

While it expense quite un bit more to buy all of them, it’s precious it in order to report exhaustively our opinion and objective data regarding all ns Fossil brand smartwatches.​

Setting Up los Founder 2.0

Like all Android undertake smartwatches, this is pretty straightforward to set up.

Fossil uses an easy-to-follow quick set up guide. Just follow follow me or check out our an extremely detailed, step-by-step tutorial on just how to collection up Android wear smartwatches here.​

What distinguishes it desde other Fossil Smartwatches?

Here’s the million-dollar question.

Why buy ns Founder 2.0 rather of the Fossil float or Marshal? What’s los difference?

The answer is simple. Friend choose based upon whatever architecture you like best.

The reality is all tres touchscreen smartwatches through Fossil offer ns same functionality. Friend aren’t giving up something by selecting one model over another.

So what are ns design differences?

Watch ours brief videolapes which reflects you los design differences among all tres Fossil Q smartwatches. You might be surprised at just how minimal y nuanced the differences are. Frankly, me gustaría think Fossil can offer simply one hilera of touchscreen smartwatches con that hilera offering un variety of designs. In other words, me gustaría think supplying multiple models con such nuanced differences is more confusing than it is helpful.

Video comparing Fossil Q Smartwatch Designs

See what identificación mean? Not lot of un difference, is there?

If friend don’t choose watching videos, that’s cool. Here’s an image summarizing los design differences:



I’m walking to absent off the design discussion with my videos showcasing the Founder 2.0. Watch it below:

I’m on los fence design-wise between ns Wander and Founder 2.0 yet am tilting toward ns Wander.

The Founder 2.0 is ns more solid, much more masculine watch while the Wander is an ext effeminate.

Perhaps a better means of putting it is ns Wander is an ext elegant. Identificación love the bar that smoothly extends desde the respecto case as ns strap attachment while ns Founder is ns solid chunk of los watch. However definitely more elegant than ns grooved-bezel of los Marshal.

If required to choose, my favourite Fossil is los Wander, adhered to by los Founder 2.0, with the marshal ca coming in last.​

More image showcasing los Founder 2.0 design:​







Founder 2.0 mirar Faces

Via ns Fossil Q app, girlfriend have a huge an option of reloj faces with un variety of background colors. The following respecto faces room controlled y applied via ns Android wear app. Examine it out:







Customizing the Watch Face representar the Watch

You can likewise change ns watch face via los Founder 2.0 as follows:





I have actually this love-hate relationship with steel bands.

I like the look that them, but i don’t discover them almost as comfortable together leather or silicone straps.

Also, Fossil Q watches room pretty big. They’re thick and heavy.

In ns nutshell, castle aren’t together comfortable as the ZenWatch 3, Samsung gear S3, or sign Heuer.

BUT, and this is un big but, i think ns Fossil the town hall look far better than every of los above other than maybe ns TAG (although for the money, it’s tough to rate un TAG higher than a Fossil which comes in at 1/4 los cost).

The upside come Fossil’s reasonably thick reloj case is the it oozes ns masculine look, even the more effeminate hover model. Nevertheless, it’s so special anyone looking at it will probably recognize “smartwatch” which I’m not certain that’s the effect Fossil desires to offer its wearers. I’m simply speculating below though… possibly Fossil desires its the town hall to give off ns smartwatch aura, just in ns nicer architecture than so many el fin there.​

When it concerns comfort, you won’t ganar the Fossil silicone strap. I have dos of them y love them on my Fossil watches and my Samsung equipment S3 watches. It’s durable, fits securely, looks pretty good, comes in a nice array of colors, y is for this reason comfy. It additionally keeps ns watch in location on mine wrist (I don’t choose watches sliding debajo my wrist butting as much as my hand).

Next, me gustaría prefer uno leather strap.

Finally, the heavier steel strap is my the very least preferred, but it certain looks great. Me gustaría particularly like ns more refined, smaller attach steel band of los Wander which identificación can conveniently swap fuera (using los quick-release strap button)​ y put on mine Marshal and Founder models.


I’m 6′ 3″ y have reasonably huge wrists so ns watch case diameter fits nicely.

If you have smaller wrists, be certain to go try uno Fossil mirar first. It might be too big for your liking. It would certainly be uno shame to buy uno watch that’s all around design just to be too big.​

Interestingly, los refined design of the Wander fits me quite a bit much better than the Marshal y Founder 2.0 (steel straps only).

Size y Weight

I’d love to view future models have ns slightly thinner reloj case. The watch situation is fairly thought in relationship to los watch situation diameter. It’s type of like wearing around the block on your wrist.

Obviously, the steel bands include quite un bit of weight contrasted to the leather, silicone, and canvas bands. But ns strap you placed on doesn’t change los size/bulkiness of ns watch case.

The Strap

The strap system is one of ns biggest benefits of getting un Fossil smartwatch. Fossil sells a huge selection of quick-release straps. You can the leather, silicone, y canvas straps individually. They’re reasonably priced.

They’re so basic to remove y put on that it completely makes feeling to buy uno variety the straps since this gives you an ext design range than buying los different models of ns smartwatches themselves.

​In fact, friend can quickly become ns Fossil strap accessory junkie buying countless of them y ending up with ns nice collection. Identificación probably will gastos generales time.

I purchased my Fossil smartwatches at un Fossil store, which offered los benefit of the tu, vete rep to eliminate steel links from the band. I don’t have a watch repair kit y besides the final thing i want to do delaware buying something is tinker with it.

The stole strap deserve to be readjusted by dimension in dos ways. First, links can be removed. Second, as soon as you’re in los ballpark con respect come size, there’s uno micro-adjustment developed into the band. At the end of ns day, you deserve to adjust the steel strap relatively minutely to get uno good fit. In mine view, because of its heavyweight y slippery nature of los steel bands, girlfriend want uno good to the right to stop it strangling your wrist or constantly sliding debajo your wrist.

With respect to ns leather straps, that’s always uno crapshoot. You can’t minutely adjust the fit… you’re stuck with ns holes that comes with unless friend butcher the band y poke secondary hole.

The silicone straps room fantastic. They’re no as crucial for uno perfect fit because even if uno bit snug, they have actually some stretch come them so it’s not as well tight. Moreover, they are stickier (for lack of ns better term) y so it won’t on slide up or debajo your wrist as easily as ns leather or stole strap.​

The canvas straps are an ext casual. They’re really lightweight and are comfortable. Me gustaría just don’t think they look as an excellent as los other options. The said, they have funky trends which have the right to make for an interesting look; you can certainly have fun with ns canvas strap designs. Identificación bought 2 canvas straps simply to mix it up sometimes.

Smartwatch Features

Ahhhh, now to the meat of ns “smart” features of los Founder 2.0.

Guess what? nothing special relative to smartwatches generally. On los flip side, it’s still súper cool considering all los basic attributes you get con an Android wear smartwatch.

When it comes to the Fossil watches, identificación don’t much care that there isn’t ns heart rate monitor, general practitioners or that it’s waterproof. These are not features identificación care too much to have with un watch i wear in the office y for walking out. Okay, identificación lie ns bit, identificación do choose automatic heart price monitoring because i find it interesting to check out what my heart price is throughout the day y week. The aside, it’s not uno big deal.

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At the end of the day, ns Founder 2.0 offers ns usual Android Wear usability including the ability come make/receive​ phone calls (has ns built-in speaker y mic). Me gustaría LOVE the phone feature. It’s so convenient.

Key features included (in situation you’re not familiar with Android Wear):​

Please keep in mind girlfriend may need to install some of ns following separately vía Android stay on the Google juego app store). Ns following list is to offer you an opinión of some of los smart features and functions easily accessible which is supervisor cool.

Phone phone call (make y receive)Text notifications (send and receive)Emails (receive, reply y compose new)Google Maps (not ns easiest to usar though)Calendar (Google calendar is in reality quite great on such a small screen)AlarmSpotify (Spotify app on Android wear is terrible… however awesome on Samsung gear S3).Fossil Q application (which is an ext or less useless. You’re far better off obtaining Google Fit i m sorry works very well).Google HangoutsStopwatchCalculatorPLUS a host that other aplicaciones available for Android Wear. Simply search in Google jugar for Android undertake apps y you’ll find loads. Me gustaría just list los main ones me gustaría use above.

Screenshot of key Founder 2.0 smart Features






The Glass

One design element with which I’m disappointed with ns Founder 2.0 is exactly how smudgy the glass gets. Me gustaría find mine Founder 2.0 always has smudges on it. I’m constantly clean everything it against my shirt to clean the up. Identificación know this isn’t all that big of a deal, however for some reason, smudges stroked nerves me, especially since they’re so mostrar claramente against the dark screen.

Check fuera de the adhering to shot… see how ns screen has actually smudges:​



My an initial smartwatch was the ASUS ZenWatch 3. Me gustaría wore it for uno week y loved it. Identificación gave cuales thought to speed, swipe smoothness, y features until identificación tried the Samsung gear S3 which outperforms Android undertake smartwatches in practically every department. FYI, Samsung equipment S3 is no Android Wear; instead, that uses los Tizen operation system… hence ns better performance.

Now that I’ve used the Samsung equipment S3 smartwatch, I’m ns bit disappointed in ns Android undertake smartwatch performance, Founder 2.0 included.

But it’s not so bad regarding not be worth it.

If you yes, really prefer ns design of los Founder 2.0 over the gear S3 or various other smartwatches the don’t use Android, choose by design.​

Navigation / User Interface

Another aspect that identificación don’t care for with Founder 2.0 due to the fact that it uses los Android undertake operating device is the user interface.

The apps are presented vertically i m sorry requires ns lot the up y down scrolling.

Another annoying aspect is every time identificación go regreso to the página de inicio screen (which is los main clock face) and then if i immediately go espalda into los app screen, i start at the top that the aplicaciones meaning i must scroll down.

​That said, Android Wear has actually one cool feature whereby it will put your most recently used application at the top of ns app display screen which I’ve uncovered handy quite un bit.

Another beef me gustaría have with los Founder 2.0 is that the swiping among screens isn’t as smooth as I’d like. Part of it has to do with ns glass which gets smudgy y part the it needs to do with ns nature that Android Wear.

For example, ns ASUS ZenWatch 3 which is Android Wear, has uno smoother swiping action because that glass is más alto (i.e. Doesn’t smudge virtually as easily as ns Founder 2.0).

And then there’s ns crisp, smooth, practically flawless swiping navigation of the Samsung gear S3 whose power is second-to-none.​


The an ext you wear smartwatches, los more you’ll concerned appreciate battery quality. Much longer life término charge is important. At the very the very least you need your mirar to endure an entire día (18 hours).

Fortunately, Founder 2.0 will make that 18+ hours yet certainly no 1.5 days.

Now, life per charge deserve to vary a great trato depending on just how much you use the watch. If you speak on los phone because that an hour, collection brightness to full, y send out 20 text messages her battery will drainpipe much quicker than if friend did no one of that.

Of course, that raises the question: what’s the point of a smartwatch if using los smart attributes will drain ns battery before the fin of the day? after all, having ​a mirar that won’t work-related by 7 pm is kind of useless.

As with many smartwatches, I’d love to watch it have a longer life término charge… but the smartwatch market is tho in its infancy and I’m sure in hora battery quality will enhance dramatically. ​

Duration per Charge

With middle use, expect 16 to 24 hours tops.

The Charger

The charger is ns USB harbor only y it’s magnetic. However, it’s not los best charger connection. If girlfriend bump the cord, the charging disk the attaches to los rear of los watch situation can on slide off, and charging stops. This has actually happened come me. I think more thought and improvements are essential for los Founder 2.0 charger.

The complying with illustrates exactly how to ideal charge the watch (lay it confront down):​



Overall, the Founder is fine priced at just above $300 because that its brand surname recognition, design, customization options, smart functionality, and comfort.

Yes, the ASUS ZenWatch 3 is less expensive y arguably uno better value yet if friend prefer the design of los Founder, get the founder (the price distinction isn’t huge).

Yes, the Samsung equipment S3 is priced un few dollars lower; however, if you like the design of los Founder, get ns Founder.

When you’re looking in ~ $200 to $400 smartwatches it comes debajo to your architecture preference unless you’re looking for ns smartwatch con very specific functionality.​

I own the Founder 2.0 and have cuales complaints about ns price.​

Ease that Use

It’s simple to collection up.

It’s relatively easy to use, but aside representar design, the strap, y the few custom watch faces, los “use” junto a of points is dictated through Android Wear.

Accordingly, it’s as easy-to-use as all Android stay smartwatches, which means los Founder 2.0 is pretty straightforward to use.​

Main Competition

Ahhhh, for this reason you need to choose uno smartwatch. Yes, Founder 2.0 does have actually competition. By competition, me gustaría mean smartwatches the are marketed for ir a buscar purposes.

For example, Garmin the town hall aren’t uno competition due to the fact that Garmin watches are for athletes, hikers, y outdoor adventure. Ns Nixon smartwatch isn’t compete either due to the fact that it’s designed because that skiers and surfers.​ Nevertheless, over there is cuales shortage of competition, i beg your pardon is together follows:

Michael Kors accessibility SmartwatchesSamsung equipment S3 ClassicTAG Heuer (to ns much lesser extent).

The first 3 competitors noted above are smartwatches make for ns same purpose which is uno focus on uno nice style so the you have the right to wear the to ns office and going out.

I incorporate TAG Heuer connected because tags is all around design, but i think because TAG is therefore much much more expensive, they are targeting uno different audience. Nevertheless, me gustaría think I’d it is in remiss not consisting of it like ns watch with uno beautiful design.​

Pros y Cons


Looks great.Plenty that straps come swap out.Loads of apps to choose representar (because it’s Android Wear).Reasonably comfortable.Excellent brand name.Make and receive phone calls.


A tad bulky.Smudgy glass.A smidge slows once navigating screens.

Founder 2.0 purchase Tip

Maybe you’re smarter 보다 me and figured this fuera on her own. Me gustaría didn’t think that this until i bought Fossil mirar number 2.

Fortunately, me gustaría followed this tip from the onset con my first Fossil buy which was the Marshal.

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The tip is this: regardless of i beg your pardon Fossil respecto you buy, get one with uno steel band. Yes, perform this also if the steel band is not your an initial choice.


Because you deserve to buy leather y silicone Fossil straps separately. Friend can’t buy ns steel bands separately. By complying with this tip, you have the right to get ns nice fleet the straps including ns steel one.​

Conclusion: have to You Buy?

Whether you need to buy the Founder 2.0 comes debajo to this:

Assuming you’re not looking for ns fitness/outdoor-oriented smartwatch questioning yourself los following: