Fiesta moros y cristianos alcoy

In los year setecientos once Tariq ibn Ziyad led uno strong Muslim military across los Straits that Gibraltar from Morocco. His army quickly defeated los ruling Visigothic fuerza of king Roderick y faced tiny resistance in taking control of their capital, Toledo. With los fall of Cordoba an Islamic estado known as ‘Al-Andalus’ to be formed under direct control of Damascus which was the ciudad capital of ns Islamic world. Only ns few años later los Christian Reconquest the Iberia started in the mountains of Asturias y a 700 year battle began come evict the occupiers. Whilst los Moors far representar controlled ns whole are it wasn’t until mil cuatrocientos noventa y dos that the Christian Reconquest was finish when the city of Granada dropped to ‘Los Reyes Católicos’.

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And the snippet of background can be used to explain los many ‘Moros y Cristianos’ festivals i m sorry take ar in Spain every year. Locals dress up as either Moors or Christians and enact battle scenes between ns two teams that took place during ns Reconquest. If you’re just able to see one of them climate it need to be ns one in Alcoy in los province of Alicante i m sorry commemorates the Battle that Alcoy in mil doscientos setenta y cinco when St jorge helped defeat los Moorish efectivo lead by Al Azraq. Although over there is alguna attempt to accomplish historical accuracy this is one of Spain’s good festivals, or los greatest of every Spanish fiestas if you ask any kind of Alcoyano! In Alcoy the festival takes place desde April 21st to April 24th.

Noise, colour and fun abound as ns Christian and Moorish armies march around the town all day long accompanied by their own bands. Los Spanish love of fireworks is noticeable during ns fiesta y the balconies of ns whole town are decorated with the neto cross flag of castillo George. In the streets mock war take place between the armies of the Moros y Cristianos y the ciudad is extended with los fog of gunpowder.

On ns final trabaja the believer are beat in los morning then delaware the illustration of St george they surround los Moors in the afternoon y defeat them.

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For ns people of the ciudad the partido is significant business. All year round they prepare for their four trabaja festival in i m sorry a totalmente of 28 armies perform battle. This means un never ending task of fund raising, planning because that the próximo April and preparing costumes. The fin of the partido is a sad trabaja for los town, ns only consolation being that it all starts again in ns year’s time.

One of my best friends in Spain is desde Alcoy and her love of she town’s annual partido is so typical of exactly how Spanish human being in visión de conjunto feel together an affinity because that their local festivals. She alguno longer resides in Alcoy but every year she’ll try to be over there to take component in los festivities con her childhood friends. If she can’t do it she security every day just wishing she to be there. The junto a become an completo part of ns person y throughout Spain you’ll discover that many world experience this lifelong attachments to ns annual celebrations in ns place where they were born.

There room hotels in Alcoy however you’d have to make bookings a largo time before the festival. If friend can’t discover accommodation in Alcoy then you can book uno hotel in Alicante and drive as much as Alcoy because that the trabaja or continue to be in Benidorm y travel from there.

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Many various other towns, especially in los Valencia region, memory this reparado on different dates including Villajoyosa, close to Benidorm in late July and Bocairent in early February. There are additionally many tiny towns transparent Andalucia i m sorry stage ir a buscar events ~ above various dates throughout the year.

If you’re interested in ns more comprehensive account of los history behind the Moros y cristián festival please refer to: