Ed sheeran bad habits

Ed Sheeran bring away Sheerios behind-the-scenes of ns video for his individual "Bad Habits" in a new three-minute video in which he reveals ns lengths that went to revolve into uno slick glampire.

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Ed Sheeran takes Sheerios behind-the-scenes of los video for his soltero “Bad Habits” in a new three-minute clip in which the singer reveals los lengths the went to rotate into ns slick vampire for the visual. “This was a lot of fun to shoot, apart representar the jumping off uno building little x,” Sheeran composed in ns tweet teasing the glimpse of what it took to make him fly v the air with ns greatest of ease in ns fangtastic Dave Meyers-directed midnight monster mash.

The journey begins with ns clip the Sheeran suspended representar wires as he flies gastos generales a streetscape in ~ night in his signature “Habits” pink suit, blonde hair and glitter-dusted eyeshadow surrounded by his neck-biting buddies. He likewise teases fanes a little by introducing the backstage vídeo with an aside the it’s ns first single desde his new album, who title is bleeped fuera de in los clip. “Which girlfriend don’t understand it’s referred to as that yet,” says ns cheekily grinning Sheeran around his 5th full-length estudio album and the follow-up to 2019’s No. Seis Collaborations Project.

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We then check out Ed in the make-up chair obtaining his red hair dyed, slipping in his Transylvania chompers and trying to personaje out exactly how to “have a pee” with his long, sharp black fake fingernails. Mid-way v we additionally get los first up-close watch at part of the other undead hipsters in los clip together they bare their sharp this in vampy close-ups. “I’m just really enjoy it working con Dave because i have never, ever before looked like this before,” Sheeran says of teaming increase with vídeo auteur Meyers.

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In the siguiente scene, Ed y Dave review an animated mock-up that one of the wire stunts in the visual, with Sheeran walking himself through a bit wherein his glampire leaps out of un moving car and confronts an attacker (which, it transforms out, is just the disembodied torso of uno crash-test dummy). In the rest of los clip Sheeran goofs around with his dancers during rehearsals y reveals the he’s “terrified” of heights as he prepares come leap off uno bodega roof.