De roncesvalles a santiago

The la carretera Frances representar Saint Jean Pied del PortStage desde Saint Jean Pied después Port to RoncesvallesHow to arrive at ns beginning of los Camino

The empezar of the camino de Santiago Frances is officially located in smo Jean Pied ese Port. However, given ns difficulty of los first stage of the tour, many people decide to start the camino de Santiago Frances desde Roncesvalles.

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Every year hundreds of civilization contact us to ask where is the best ar to empezar the la carretera Frances, whether representar Saint Jean Pied de Port or desde Roncesvalles. Because that this reason, in Santiago Ways, us have chose to include in our blog of the camino de Santiago a artículo that will help you to decidir which starting apuntar a of the la carretera Frances is los most perfect for you.

Where to empezar the la carretera de Santiago Frances

Before we start talking about what it means to start the Cano Frances desde St Jean Pied ese Port, we want to do something clear. Both saint Jean Pied después Port y Roncesvalles are ns traditional beginning places because that the camino de Santiago Frances.

The stage between smo Jean Pied ese Port ese Roncesvalles faces un route the 24.1 kilometres with a climb that 1,250 metres. Not all pilgrims have the necessary physical condition to complete it, especially as soon as it is the first trabaja on the camino Frances. There are still many kilometres ahead, and many pilgrims carry out not threat injuring themselves from the very first day, facing such uno harsh stage.

Before we tell you much more about what that famed stage is like, if you want to complete ns Camino Frances representar St Jean Pied de Port y observe ns Pyrenees in all your splendour, you room in ns right place due to the fact that in Santiago methods we room experts. Phone call us much more about her trip and we’ll do it happen.

Here is how this famous stage gift itself and we offer you some tips to start the sendero Frances representar Saint Jean Pied del Port. Us will also explain exactly how to obtain to this French town.

The sendero Frances from Saint Jean Pied de Port

Starting the sendero Frances desde Saint Jean Pied de Port implies starting your trip in France. Together its name shows (San despues de ansan Pie después Puerto, in Spanish), this locality is situated at ns foot of los mountains that separate the border between France y Spain. That method that if you decisión to empezar the la carretera de Santiago desde Saint Jean Pied ese Port, in your an initial stage you will certainly cross un border on foot.

This feat, besides the beauty of ns landscape, has actually its historical interest. Los first phase of the la carretera Frances is known as the Napoleon route, together it was the route make by the French emperor, through los Pyrenees, come enter with his troops in Spain.

If you decide to start the sendero de Santiago French representar Saint Pied de Port, you will have 33 stages and a completamente of 763.5 kilometre ahead that you. Next, we tell you exactly how your very first stage top top the la carretera Frances will be.

Stage from Saint Jean Pied ese Port come Roncesvalles

The la carretera Frances start at the Nive leg of smo Jean Pied ese Port. Soon after you will certainly find los two indications that will certainly accompany friend on this stage: the GR-65 and the classic la carretera de Santiago scallop shell.

The an initial variant

The start of the camino Frances quickly puts los pilgrims in front of your teaching chalkboards and forces castle to choose on number of occasions in between one itinerary or another. Therefore, it is no only essential to decidir whether to start the camino de Santiago desde Roncesvalles or saint Pied ese Port, but if you pick to start from this último locality, you will additionally have to decisión which different to follow.

Before leaving smo Jean Pied ese Port, heading for Roncesvalles, girlfriend will already find the fork dividing the two main variants of los first stage of the sendero Frances: Chemin ese Saint Jacques después Compostela and Arnéguy and Valcarlos.

The variant of Arnéguy y Valcarlos is less beautiful but simpler. By this route, los stage operation close to ns road y passes by several localities.

The main route, known as the Napoleon Route, is the one the follows the route of Chemin del Saint Jacques después Compostela. This stretch runs on the viejo Roman roadway that joined Bordeaux with Astorga.

This route, unlike ns variant of Arnéguy y Valcarlos, runs through uno mountainous environment, away representar the urban nuclei. In fact, 5 kilometres after you empezar walking you pass through Huntto, this will be the último locality you’ll find until Roncesvalles.

The second variant

Following the camino Frances along the route that Chemin de Saint Jacques después Compostela, when reaching los highest señalar of los stage, the Lepoeder Pass, at 1,450 metres high, friend will uncover a nuevo fork in los road. The itinerary that runs through los forest of mountain Donsimon and the one that passes through the alto de Ibáñez. This último option is somewhat much longer (400 metres) but los descent come Roncesvalles is less pronounced.

The prize for starting at saint Jean Pied de Port

We previously said that as well as ns historical interest on the first phase of the camino Frances, ns route has actually landscapes that singular beauty. Below we explain some of ns rewards that the camino de Santiago has actually saved because that you if you decisión to start on your la carretera Frances in smo Jean Pied del Port.

Of course, if you comienzo your pilgrimage representar Saint Pied ese Port, you will certainly have ns opportunity to visit this town with uno medieval air.

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In it, you deserve to visit the Citadel zone, the Church of Notre Dame or the medieval wall, amongst other places of interest.


You can likewise visit Roncesvalles. You have the right to consult the information about the places of attention in every of the locations in our guide of the la carretera de Santiago Frances. Yet in enhancement to all of los above, on los route, you have the right to enjoy los beautiful scenery. One of ns most impressive is ns beautiful panoramic views of saint Jean Pied ese Port and French Aquitaine the you will get delaware facing the first metres the ascent.

Another of ns breath-taking views the the comienzo of the la carretera Frances gives you are those that space obtained from the highest punto of this stage. Shortly delaware reaching los Lepoeder Pass, the soil of Navarre will open up in former of her eyes, as if that were uno beautiful postcard, being crossed by the camino Santiago.

If you choose the Ibañeta variant, friend can likewise visit los Chapel of san Salvador and the Roldán Monument will cross your path. This monument commemorates the Battle the Orreaga – Roncesvalles y according to part historians, the indicates the place where Charlemagne found los corpse that Roldán.

Advice for beginning the sendero Frances representar Saint Jean Pied de Port

If you room thinking of doing the la carretera Frances from the beginning, the is, from Saint Jean Pied de Port, the is vital that you have good physics preparation. We recommend that you consult just how to train because that the camino de Santiago.

However, there space some tricks to resolver this challenging stage without taking too many risks. Save reading, in Santiago ways we’ll offer you part tips!

If you space not sure that you space able to finish the stage in a individual day, if you do the la carretera de Santiago by bike or if that is winter, we recommend you take los variant the Arnéguy and Valcarlos. You will uncover many much more services, and if bad weather is encountered, girlfriend will uncover places to take refuge.

If you carry out not desire to provide up ns official course of Chemin de Saint Jacques ese Compostela, girlfriend should recognize that on los route you will find several locations where you deserve to spend los night. So you can división the an initial stage of the camino Frances into dos parts.

7.5 km after the comienzo of the camino de Santiago Frances, you will find los Orisson restaurant y hostel. This option is precious for all those who have actually ventured to end up this stage y that soon delaware their start realize the it is too hard.

The other different is to dividir the phase at ns Izandorre refuge. after this point, you will certainly only need to ascend uno little more y then descend come Roncesvalles. The course, we recommend the you follow ns Ibañeta variant, also if it is rather longer, has less height and is more attractive.

The camino Frances representar Roncesvalles

Considering Roncesvalles as ns starting point of the camino Frances is not a crazy idea either. The sendero Frances representar Roncesvalles starts with uno gentle journey through the Robledal de las Brujas, surrounding by legends, as much as Zubiri. If you desire to know more about los second stage of the sendero Frances, you have the right to see that in ours guide.


How to arrive at los beginning of los Camino

Whether you decide to comienzo the sendero de Santiago in smo Jean Pied después Port, or if you decide to do it from Roncesvalles, you will need to take some transfer to los beginning of the camino de Santiago Frances. Here we explain how to obtain to every of these places. Yet we would already indicate the both to walk to saint Jean Pied después Port and to with Roncesvalles, the simplest thing is to do it from Pamplona.

How to get to saint Jean Pied del Port

From Pamplona, you have the right to take one of los buses the leave everyday towards saint Jean Pied ese Port. In high season, one leaves every dos hours. The price of los ticket is approximately 22 euros.

If you perform not find a bus to smo Pied de Port, an different is to take it one that is directed to Roncesvalles. When there you can take un taxi to smo Pied de Port.

However, friend should know that on Sundays over there is no service. Therefore, los only choice to get desde Pamplona to saint Pied después Port is to take ns taxi.

How to go to Roncesvalles

If you decidir to start the camino de Santiago desde Roncesvalles, you will also have to travel to Pamplona. Over there you can take uno bus to los beginning of the camino Frances. You have the right to check los timetables here.

Now you have actually all ns information to decidir if you want the comienzo of your la carretera Frances to be saint Jean Pied ese Port or Roncesvalles. girlfriend only need to prepare ns rest of the details of your pilgrimage, for that we have elaborated this practical overview for the pilgrim. If friend would like to publication your journey with ns specialized agency, nothing hesitate to contact us.

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If girlfriend have already completed the camino Frances by beginning to walk representar Saint Jean Pied ese Port or Roncesvalles, we would prefer to thank you because that leaving us a comment with her experience. You deserve to be certain that it will be helpful to the rest of los pilgrims.