The zona Ministry of health and wellness of Andalusia (CSJA) is responsible because that public health, wellness policy, planning and regulation, medical care management and provision in Andalusia, too as los leadership of the Andalusian Public healthcare System (APHS). APHS is responsible for los provision of healthcare to all the population in ns region (8.5 million inhabitants), comprising ns Andalusian health and wellness Service y other public health care agencies, ns bio-bank network y a public enterprise for health emergencies. As component of ns Spanish health and wellness System, that is funded by taxes y predominantly operates within the public sector.CSJA establishes different campaigns in the zona of frailty prevention following the IV Andalusian wellness Plan, the visión de conjunto framework of wellness policies in Andalusia come improve los health of the population, through health and wellness in All plans strategy. Dos other considerable plans resolver specifically this issue: the Andalusian destinadas of integrated treatment for patients with chronic diseases, and the Andalusian substantial Care Strategy.

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Complying with this all at once framework, ns health check in people over 65 years is ns specific regime which looks for to facilitate early detection of frailty in los elderly.Andalusia is un 4-star recommendation Site within los European Innovative partnership on Active y Healthy Ageing.

Affiliated entities:

Fundación pública Andaluza avance y Salud (FPS) is ns non-for-profit organization which belongs to los Andalusian regional Ministry that Health. Fp provides services to the Andalusian Public wellness System through numero 3 lines of activity: R&I, which manages research y innovation in Health; Information y Communication modern technologies (ICT); y IAVANTE, which contains training and evaluation of professional expertise.

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Public firm depending on the zona Ministry of wellness of Andalusia which main aim is to administer healthcare solutions to los population in los region. It is uno wide network based on un high-quality, patient-centered, easily accessible care, with two levels that care: main healthcare, los backbone, with 1,500 primary centers and treinta public hospitals. SAS counts con key professionals y departments whose participation becomes crucial for this joint Action.