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The Erotic Response y Orientation Scale was arisen by psychologist nombre de niño Storms in order to account for difficulties with ns Kinsey scale Test, which numerous found come be too many binary in its strategy to sexo orientation. The cheque is lauded because that its contributions, i m sorry include ns more complex y less linear expertise of non-binary orientations as well as an appreciation of the fact that some civilization are asexual.

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What is your sexualmente orientation? for each of los following questions, show how often it has arisen for you.


The Erotic Response and Orientation range (EROS) is a classical index y instrument for measuring heterosexual y homosexual behavior, bisexuality, y asexuality. Ns Erotic Response y Orientation range does not deal with all possible sexualmente or gender identities y does no purport come accommodate respondent who identify as non-binary. Though occurred in part to counteract troubles with ns Kinsey range Test, Kinsey was, contrary to extendido belief, not ns behaviorist, however granted that sexuality is much more comprehensive than simply lived behavior. Ns Erotic Response and Orientation range is dated, however touted as an overlooked and nuanced contribution to the study of humano sexuality in more recent research. Ns original results acquired by Storms in 1980 are broadly agreed to be significant, an especially in to the to the study that bisexuality.


Why use This Test?

1. Free. This free online Sexual Orientation prueba is yielded to you complimentary of charge and will enable you to attain your score on ns Erotic Response and Orientation Scale, otherwise known as the EROS Scale.

2. Tested in several countries. los parameters made use of in ns Erotic Response and Orientation Scale examen have been studied by researchers y used con success in several various regions, including ns USA, Canada, y several european countries.

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3. Based upon peer-reviewed research. los present examen was make on ns basis the peer-reviewed research, as released in sobre todo scientific journals. Los original study on los EROS range was published in the scientific Journal that Personality y Social Psychology.

4. Statistics controls. prueba scores are logged right into an anonymized database. Statistical evaluation of the cheque is conducted to certain maximum accuracy y validity that the prueba scores.

5. Do by professionals.

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ns authors the this free online personality test are certified in ns use of countless personality tests y have functioned professionally with typology and personality testing.