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Carolina face Plastics is the premier boutique facial aesthetic practice in los Charlotte, north Carolina region. At Carolina face Plastics, we believe that the treatment y maintenance of los facial skin is important in creating los best results y antiaging avoidance plans because that our patients. The options to enhance or maintain terrific facial skin room endless y can be overwhelming in ~ times. Our goal at Carolina face Plastics is to accurately assess her skin type y create un personalized treatment destinado a to achieve your objectives making los skincare process simple and effective.

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Why is skincare Important?

All those in Charlotte that look good believe skincare is important and hence have good looking skin. Ns reason why this is true is an additional to the ability of the face come reflect light. Luz is only reflected off of a smooth surface that comes desde the face. Ns surface of ns face is the skin. Skin that has also tone y texture is able to reflect iluminar at un high-level. Once your confront reflects light, a person appears rested, healthy, y youthful. Conversely, los damaged skin may have actually fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture or locations of darkened pigment. Every one of these features will distract desde the various other beautiful facial features y limit ns amount of luz your confront can reflect.

Why Does los Skin Age?

Overwhelmingly, ns main cause of face aging of ns skin in Charlotte is due to exposure to ultraviolet light. Other qualities that have the right to affect ns age of the skin include a history of nicotine use, alcohol use, negative nutrition, or ns history of radiation exposure. All of these problems harm los collagen and the elastic components of the skin and can stimulate ns cells of ns skin to produce either marrón or red spots. Similar to eating well y exercising to maintain ns youthful figure, we need to properly take treatment of our skin in order for our challenge to period gracefully. nia.nih.gov talks an ext about taking care of your skin together you age.

What is the Approach supplied for facial Skin care at Carolina facial Plastics?

The key factor in our strategy to treating the facial skin at Carolina facial Plastics is a comprehensive evaluate of the patient’s skin and the understanding of ns patient’s goals. To achieve the best results possible, we think in using un combination of tratamiento médico grade skin care and skin treatment treatments. We sell a variety of medical grade skincare products at ours office, i m sorry is easily accessible to ours patients. Treatments easily accessible at Carolina facial Plastics come maintain beautiful skin are micro-needling, chemical peels, IPL photo facials, and facial laser treatments.

Our medical aesthetician, Terri, regularly provides her mobile number in bespeak to assist patient’s con any skincare questions. In addition, patients are urged to text her anytime they need new products y she will correo it or leaving it at the front desk to do restocking their beauty regimen simple. When you take trip we can also help with samples.

What’s los Difference Between tratamiento médico Grade Skincare offered at Carolina face Plastics y the products Sold at ns Drugstore, typically Known together Over-the-Counter Products?

The performance of ns skin treatment product is directly proportional to ns quality y strength of los active ingredients it contains. Commodities sold y used in ~ Carolina face Plastics space of tratamiento médico grade strength. Their quality is not marketed at a normal retail store second to the rules and regulations identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Patient using los strength that these commodities sold here have to be evaluated by a medical professional to ensure uno safe treatment. Over-the-counter skincare products do not contain un high level of energetic ingredients y therefore have limited effectiveness y results because that patients. Because that these reasons, it is virtually impossible for patients to get ns same escribe of results with over-the-counter skincare products as tratamiento médico grade skin treatment products.

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How Does ns Patient understand Which therapy is ideal for their Skin Type?

Our skin care team will certainly work con patients to help guide lock to ns proper combination of in office skin care treatments y skin care regimes because that at página de inicio use. Our variety of treatments deserve to treat various skin issues, together as:

Fine lines and wrinklesBrown or period spotsTiny la red blood vesselsLoose skinEnlarge poresMelasmaRosacea

We think that mix therapy with one or much more treatment modalities and at patria medical class skincare use will achieve a más alto result quite than making use of a single treatment modality. We will aid design y choose los best treatment combinations because that our patients.

When Should a Patient start using tratamiento médico Grade Skincare?

Patients should start using médico grade skin care or treatments throughout their mid-to-late 20s. In ~ this tiempo it is vital to protect los skin and begin to treat any early indicators of aging of los facial skin.

What species of chemical Peels space Offered?

We offer los following varieties of chemistry peels:

Vi peelTCA peelProbiotic peelMicropeel

What skin care Lines room Offered?

We offer ns following skincare lines:

MybodyNeocututisSkinCeuticalsLaRoche PosayJane IredaleClarisonic

What are ns Different Laser therapies Offered?

We offer ns following laser treatments:

IPL PhotofacialSkin TighteningSkin ResurfacingLaser Genesis

What is ns Downtime for Treatments?

We tailor the treatment come fit los patient’s lifestyle. We have some therapies that will certainly have tiny to alguno downtime, others will certainly have tres to 4 days that downtime, y the longest will have 7 to 10 days of downtime. We know that part patients will certainly not have tiempo for any type of downtime and we think that we have the right to still create an effective treatment destinadas for these patients.

Remarkable Results, impressive Care 

Carolina face Plastics in Charlotte is a boutique face aesthetic center. Us offer the highest level that care y service the was developed during Dr. Kulbersh’s extensive training in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kulbersh is uno double board certified facial plastic surgeon. We believe you need to trust los care of your facial skin to very trained and specialized team. We believe that our care y results space at ns highest level.

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How Does ns Patient Make uno Consultation?

To make ns consultation at Carolina face Plastics in Charlotte, north Carolina for uno facial skin care evaluation, please contact us in ~ (704) 842-3644 or fill fuera the on line consultation form.