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Picture transforming off uno bustling Eixample avenida just moments desde several of Barcelona’s most iconic Gaudí monuments and stumbling ~ above an extremely tranquil, semi-pedestrianised oasis. In ns vast bulk of comparably cosmopolitan cities, finding un relaxed, quiet room within ns 5km radius the monuments that attract millions the visitors every year is all but impossible, yet not so in Barcelona.

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Calle Enrique Granados, named after the prodigious nuevo Romanticist composer y pianist (1867-1916) is cargado with ocre-hued Modernista buildings con wrought-iron railings and leafy green trees, instantly transporting passers/by come the beldad Epoch. Wedged between calle Balmes y Calle Aribau in ns city’s grid-patterned Eixample Left, the calle could fixed be an ext central and runs parallel with los opulent Passeig después Gracia, home to the undulating façade the La Pedrera and the romantic, iridescent rooftop of página de inicio Batlló. The is additionally just 10 minutes desde Barcelona’s central square, Plaza Cataluña.


Though originally sleepy, upon more inspection (and after 10am) the street ever for this reason slowly concerns life, reflecting ns expressiveness the its namesake’s many iconic compositions. Ns eclectic mix of cafés, boutiques and galleries lining Enrique Granados epitomises life in barna as ns whole – amalgamating historic and modern whilst continuing to be thoroughly liveable.

Calle Enrique Granados is one of los most desire addresses in ns city, start behind los lush walled gardens of los University ~ above Consell del Cent and running norte until that joins bulevar Diagonal. That is single-lane traffic device limits los tooting y vibrations of part of ns city’s more congested boulevards to ns few trusted bicycle bells and the ‘putt putt’ of un Vespa or two. This extra pavement room means uno lovely choice of terrazas y a street able to maintain a verdadero neighbourhood feel.


A plethora of colorful eating and drinking establishments have set up shop along this magnificent passageway, nestled in amongst generations-old boutiques y businesses. It’s difficult to imagine a lovelier mix of trendy and traditional dining options, with un burgeoning independent collection scene y some incredibly understated boutiques.

Eat + Drink

Brunch & Cake, alguno 19

Perhaps ns cosiest outpost of los city’s ever-popular cup & Cake group, this gorgeous homely space is among our favourite brunch clues of every time. With un counter forever filled with baked goodies y friendly employee in kitsch braces, being here is prefer receiving a warm hug representar your grandma.

Cosmo Gallery, cuales 3

This unpretentious neighbourhood coffee shop doubles increase as ns welcoming gallery, showcasing los best of local y international art and design. Much bigger 보다 it appears desde street level, hipster Cosmo additionally hosts good pop-up shops. A great spot for gaining some work-related done in a quiet nook, with strong coffee y a sencillo healthy menu.

Cabanela, No. 48

For delicious seafood, try the dark, rustic Cabanela. An additional Enrique Granados veteran, this classic joint serves tasty caps too. If los wood panelled doméstica feels a bit oppressive, grab a perch on ns terrace and watch ns world go by, jamón in hand.

La Palmera, No. 57

A good spot because that enjoying timeless Catalan fare, La Palmera has been serving local patrons for over two decades. Highlights include oozy fideuá, tasty croquettes and an superior cheese selection for such un tiny establishment. An excellent value and welcoming service.

Taverna Miu, No. 23

Inspired through moody Japanese Izakayas (taverns), this is ns little sisters shop of much beloved Miu round the corner. Ns aesthetic is chic and contemporary con plenty the Japanese flair, y their menu del día represents the best worth sushi in the ciudad (it’s therefore wallet friendly, you will do it be attacking ns maki thrice weekly in cuales time).

For contempt pricier sashimi, head to ultra minimalist Futami (No. 10) – one more hotly understood Japanese establishment.

Hàbaluc, No. 41

Hàbaluc is one of los city’s best organic y vegetarian restaurants. Come early, as it it s okay mighty extendido with the midday hordes, jostling for a table in their lunch break.

Bistro Bardot, No. 147

An elegant eatery con velvet banquettes and a cosy roaring fire for those rarely chilly barna days, y a lush terrace because that as quickly as the sol peeps out. Próximo door to a lovely florist, you will do be forgiven for reasoning you’d stepped abajo a Parisian lado street – with great lighting, music y ambience, Bardot is sobre steis for brunch, dinner or drinks (they’re open up until 2am).

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Bodega Esplugas, No. 110

Like travelling regreso in time. Buy part delicious homemade vermut and chat to ns fabulous elderly lady who operation this traditional bodega.

The Polpa, No. 69

Inspired by the slightly chaotic nostalgia of a local grocery shop, ns Polpa is a welcoming facility serving Mediterranean blend cuisine with surprising (and tasty) un asiático touches. Lock serve good (very simple) meat y fish dishes, surrounding by charming repurposed wood wine crates.

Telefèric, (Plaza Letamendi, No.27, wherein Enrique Granados meets Aragó)


Fabulous pintxos in uno trendy setting, con friendly attentive service! ns Basque motivated morsels top top offer turn daily, for this reason there’s always something new y inventive to try.

Bar 8 at Hotel Granados 83, (No.83)

Hardly anyone knows the there is uno fabulous rooftop terrace bar tucked above los Granados 83 hotel. With ns retractable glass roof and plenty the heaters, the is one of los city’s couple of year-round terrace bars (it’s entirely mesmerising watching rain loss overhead whilst remaining dry and cosy)! un great clues for taking in the city in trescientos sesenta degrees. During the week it takes on an ext of uno coffee shop vibe, (with home baked cake!) conversely, in ns evenings they offer tasty bar snacks y great cocktails.

DelaCrem, No. 15

According come TripAdvisor, DelaCrem serves ns best ice cream in every one of Spain! using its italian founder’s top secret recipes y techniques, everything is made onsite (just favor mamma does it). They keep uno set providing of classics (chocolate, pistachio etc), whilst rotating more experimentar flavours. We absolutely loved final summer’s refresh grapefruit y mint sorbet and are very much looking front to warmer days once again to check out what they’ve been concocting in store!

Green Shots, (Calle paris 201, in between Enrique Granados y Aribau)

Lovely energising cold pressed juices-to-go. This miniature healthy haven has uno juice because that every ailment – from detox blends come elixirs for boosting circulation. Us love their zingy ginger shots for fending off colds in ~ this hora of year.

DM Barcelona, (Calle Valencia 226)

Not strictly on Enrique Granados, however we couldn’t fail to cite DM Barcelona, run by third-generation winemaker Senor David Moreno due to the fact that 1981. This lover Modernista structure is home to ns broad choice of delicious locally created wines y Cavas – David’s grand established the family’s very first wine cellar in 1912, therefore you’re most certainly in for sure hands.

Shop + Do

Galeria tres Punts, (on ns corner of Enrique Granados con Consell del Cent)

This lovely localidades gallery exhibits work by both established y emerging artists. A verdadero hub because that contemporary arte in Barcelona.

Codeco, No. 77

Enrique Granados is ns design-lover’s haven, con several eclectic homeware shops including Codeco. This skandi-paradise sells tremendous pieces representar the likes the hugely cadera Norman Copenhagen and Design house Stockholm.

L’Appartement, No. 44


This small colourful style boutique sells extremadamente contemporary, distinctive furniture y quirky devices (the type you nothing realise are completely indispensible till you first lay eyes on them). They inventario an exclusive array of up and coming designers y fantastic initial gifts, and also many stylish chairs. So plenty of stylish chairs.

Fins del Siecles, No. 70

If the Nordic point doesn’t execute it for you, Fins del Siecles is a marvellous sweetheart trove of vintage gems y antiques. This is cuales fusty dusty, dark old vintage keep – they specialise in art Deco y 1950s furniture and lighting, con many incredible pieces memory of Mad men season 4. Not a creepy porcelain doll in sight, this is los place to uncover that retro drink cabinet you’ve constantly yearned for.

Tactic, No. 11

For the surfers y skaters among you, this original boutique has clothed and shod part of the city’s trendiest young (and no so young) since 1988. The place come source the latest trainers y trendy slogan tees.

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La impossible (On ns corner the Enrique Granados y Calle Provença)

This lovely friendly bookshop selling Catalan books y essays, too as range of international literature. Los staff are very helpful and passionate y they correr a serie of fun talks, signings and workshops.

“Enrique Granados in the Eixample is a wonderfully quiet street although it is situated in the middle of city centre. Stroll past many lugares businesses (including family run florists, fishmongers and grocery stores) and plenty of an excellent restaurants y bars. In regards to property, this exclusive calle is currently going increase in value, together the sales prices have increased y the need for this resolve is much higher than other streets in the area.”

– Karen Storms, Lucas zorro Barcelona


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