Whenever we travel khổng lồ a new country, especially one with a different culture, we would love khổng lồ find out loads of things before departing. This is absolutely necessary as it assures our safety and experiences. Water is often our first concern, as it is an indispensable demand.

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So if you are planning to lớn have a trip to Vietnam, the same question is raised: How is Vietnam water? Since more & more tourists ask BM Travel Adventure the same questions referring to water in Vietnam, we think it’s time khổng lồ have a little talk about this topic. In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions. Let’s dive in!

Get khổng lồ know about popular water sources in Vietnam

Before moving further to your questions, we should have an overview of Vietnam water’s state. In our country, rural và urban areas have a different water supply.

In the countryside, people use the following water sources:



Vietnam is a tropical country with abundant rainfall, & this makes rainwater a valuable water source in many areas. However, rainwater is not always as clean as you may think. The quality of this water depends on which area you have. It is definitely harmful lớn utilize rainwater directly in a place where plants work continually, not khổng lồ mention storing it in unclean containers. Knowing this, people in Vietnam have come up with several solutions: using alkali chemicals (lime water), filter with sand, etc. They don’t use the rainwater pouring down from concrete rooftops. The container is cleaned regularly, as well as covered with a lid. Some families even use water purifiers lớn make sure they have the cleanest water.



In the past, you could easily find a well anywhere, even in big cities. But now they exist mostly in the countryside. Scientists recommend we should not use unprocessed well-water as it may have absorbed toxic chemicals in the soil.

Water from rivers, ponds, streams, và lakes

We took a ride through various Vietnam motorbike routes and witnessed locals take advantage of rivers, ponds, streams, & lakes for daily water usage activities. However, they often don"t drink this water directly. Instead, they boil the water khổng lồ make it safe khổng lồ drink. 


People in the cities utilize the following:

Tap water

Basically, tap water is used the most in our country. However, if you want some drinkable water in Vietnam, tap water is unreliable. We have to boil it first before quenching your thirst.


Bottled water

Many people are getting used khổng lồ bottled water because of the convenience it brings. They use it for drinking, cooking, và even brushing teeth and washing face. However, only reputable brands are trustable.


Purified water

Nowadays, more và more people buy water purifier to filter tap water before using. They rely on this method & consider it the best way khổng lồ minimize health risks from water-consuming.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Alright, let’s move on to lớn the more exciting part – answering repeated questions about drinking water in Vietnam.

Does water shortage happen in Vietnam?

After the wartime, Vietnam had to lớn suffer a multitude of economic difficulties. & this led khổng lồ the poor infrastructure of the waterworks & spare water treatment. Nowadays, Vietnam has invested a lot into all the waterworks in the country to make them modern & more effective. Besides, our country possesses nearly 3000 rivers và plenty of natural and artificial lakes, dams, lagoons, etc. This means the water shortage is no longer a significant problem in Vietnam. All the areas in the territory have enough clean water khổng lồ use for daily tasks. And once you boil the water, you can drink it as much as you want.

Is Vietnam water safe to drink?


Well, khổng lồ answer this question, we have khổng lồ dig deeper. First, let’s talk about what is not safe khổng lồ drink in Vietnam - tap water. 

In Vietnam, the water treatment infrastructure is not developed enough. Therefore, tap water here is quite right yet not clean enough for drinking. Chemical remains, unhealthy chemicals, và some bacteria in the water can still harm. The rusty pipes are another reason we cannot drink tap water directly yet. If you slake your thirst with tap water, you may have to lớn suffer stomach ache, digestive disorders, or diarrhea.

So what can you drink without any concern in Vietnam? A lot. As we have mentioned, you just need to lớn boil the tap water, let it cool down, then it is absolutely safe khổng lồ use. Many families in big cities now have RO water purifiers, which can make any Vietnam water drinkable immediately. 

And the most common choice of tourists is bottled water. These bottles of mineral water are super convenient. Bottles of 0.5 litres or 1.5 litres can fit your backpack perfectly, while ones of 5 litres are suitable for a picnic. Some brands you can pick without hesitating are Aquafina, Lavie, Dasani, or Vinh Hao. These brands have best-bottled water in Vietnam. A half-liter bottle often costs 0.5 dollars. In Vietnam, water bottles’ price is low, và the unique is relatively good in comparison with other Southeast Asian countries. In particular, you should try Aquafina’s products at least once as they have a subtle coconut flavor.

Can I brush my teeth with tap water in Vietnam?


The answer is yes. However, we have a little piece of advice for you here. Most Vietnamese people use tap water for daily tasks, & there are no significant consequences so far. If you are on a long trip, you should get used lớn tap water as well. But if you plan khổng lồ stay in Vietnam for a couple of days & you want to make sure that nothing weird happens, then brushing teeth with bottled water is a brilliant idea. Luxurious hotels often have a high-end water purifier system making Vietnam water safer, so the choice is yours.

Is it safe to lớn have ice in Vietnam?


Vietnam is a tropical country, so people here have khổng lồ find ways lớn fight the heat. Over time, ice has become an essential thing for Vietnamese. You can find two types of ice here – one is made of filtered water, & another is not. The second type is used for other purposes except drinking, và it cannot be found in restaurants, café, etc. There is nothing khổng lồ worry about a glass full of ice here.

Is it safe lớn drink coffee in Vietnam?


Drinking water chất lượng standards in Vietnam has nothing to vày with this question because only boiled water is used in this case. Whether it is safe to drink coffee in Vietnam depends on where you have it. Since Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world, coffee has become the main drink in this country (especially in the South). 

Many people in this S-shaped land drink coffee every day, và that is enough khổng lồ answer your question: yes, it is safe khổng lồ drink coffee in Vietnam. However, you’d better avoid buying a cup of coffee from street vendors. There are some cases in which these vendors use artificial ingredients to lớn make kém chất lượng coffee for a better profit.

There is something you should know about coffee culture in Vietnam. In big café chains, you can find something familiar such as Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, etc. The big brands you should visit are Trung Nguyen Coffee, The Coffee House, Highlands, Phuc Long, Cong Café. In most café in this country (including those brands), you can be served the original taste of Vietnamese Coffee, namely Ca Phe Phin. 

A specialized filter is used to lớn make a cup of Ca Phe Phin, & this makes the process quite long. You can choose from adding sugar or condensed milk to lớn this delicious cup of coffee. Vietnamese people love chattering & reading a newspaper while waiting for a full cup of coffee.

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In recent years, a coffee drink called Vietnam coconut coffee has become more and more popular & won the hearts of so many coffee devotees. You can enjoy this type of drink in the most famous coffee shops in Vietnam.

Here are some useful facts for you:

In Cong Café, there will be music bands performing in the evening;While traveling in Hanoi, you should try egg coffee. It tastes good and uniquely;Trung Nguyen Coffee is famous for the original taste;Besides the brands we have mentioned above, there are many other good cafés. The tip is that you should enter the ones where you see many local people inside. Reading review in some apps lượt thích Grab Food or Foody is helpful too.

What drinks can we drink in Vietnam?

Well, you have tens of thousands of choices of what to drink in our country. But we have a brief danh mục for you lớn consider. Of course, we have excluded coffee as we have already mentioned its popularity.

Tra domain authority – Iced Tea


Mineral water in Vietnam doesn’t dominate the market, và iced tea is the reason. You can find street vendors selling Tra da in almost every corner anywhere in this country. In restaurants and even café, you will be served Tra domain authority while waiting for the main dish (or drink). On hot days, people in Ho chi Minh đô thị place 20-litre bottles of Tra da on the sidewalk, and you can quench your thirst freely. Don’t worry too much about hygiene because they use “drinkable Vietnam water” to lớn make this Tra Da.

Sinh khổng lồ – smoothie


This is another popular drink in Vietnam. Fruit smoothies are many people’s favorite drink because it is tasty & nutritious. If smoothie from street vendors make you nervous, then try it in the café. This drink is available in the thực đơn of most café, including the big brands such as Cong Café or Phuc Long. Avocado, mango, or custard táo bị cắn smoothies will surely win your heart.

Nuoc ep – juice


Juice is as popular as smoothies. Both of them are loved because of the diversity. Vietnam is a tropical country with hundreds of fruit with different tastes. Lớn try them all, you should stay here for years. 

Coconut and sugar cane juice


These two juices can be in many roadside vendors around the country. They are cheap, delicious, & good for your health. After riding miles in the hot weather, these drinks are super satisfying. Coconut meat will be added khổng lồ make your glass of coconut juice an unforgettable experience.

Beers & Alcohols


It might be impossible khổng lồ find a country where beer, wine, và spirits don’t exist. Vietnamese love beer & rice wine, and you can see these drinks in a lot of parties. Besides global brands like Carlsberg or Heineken, Hanoi Beer, Saigon Beer, Truc Bach, or Huda Beer are dominating the Vietnam market. Vietnamese also love Bia Hoi – which is fresh beer contained in kegs. Rice wine has been existing long before beer. In each region, people have their way of making wine. In mountainous areas, you should try Ruou Can – rice wine added herb flavors.

Tra Sua – Bubble Milk Tea


This drink has become more & more popular in recent years. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of brands selling thousands of types of bubble milk tea. The most famous are Tocotoco, Gong Cha, Koi, Ding Tea, Phuc Long, etc.

What should not drink in Vietnam?

Vietnam water seems lớn raise so many questions relating khổng lồ health. So let’s move khổng lồ what you should not drink in Vietnam:

Tap water

We have talked a lot about the Vietnam water supply & other things. In short, don’t drink tap water without boiling it first.

Roadside coffee


Say “no” khổng lồ street vendors và their offers if you want to lớn stay away from stomachache. Local people may have been used lớn such things, but you should choose the safest way to lớn enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. When it comes to lớn Tra Da, you need lớn make sure that you can see tea leaves inside the pot.


We don’t say that milk in Vietnam is dangerous. However, there are cases where foreigners don’t feel good after drinking milk here. Condensed milk causes no similar problems, so it’s ok lớn use.

What are the chất lượng drinks in Vietnam?

It’s hard to lớn say if the following drinks are quality or not. The reason is that we don’t know they can be found in other countries or not. But here are some names we find less popular yet delicious, & we recommend you to lớn try them.

Artichoke tea

This tea tastes sweet and slightly bitter. It helps purify your liver and reduce blood fat. 


Corn silk tea

This can be considered a traditional drink as Vietnamese people have used it thousands of years. It supports the treatment of diabetes & hypertension. We often địa chỉ cửa hàng sugarcane và pineapple leaves khổng lồ improve the taste. 


Pennywort juice

If you are willing to lớn try something new, pennywort juice should be your first choice. We are not sure that you will like it, but give it a go. It is said khổng lồ be good for your liver và skin. But don’t try it if you are pregnant.


Aloe Vera tea

This is one of the best drinks to cool your body toàn thân down in summer. Vietnamese people love it for its ability khổng lồ detoxify the liver, tư vấn digestion, increase resistance. It is believed to lớn rejuvenate your skin as well. 



Don’t mistake it with tea. It’s hard to say this is a drink or dish, but we bet that you will love it. Bít is like sweet gruel with hundreds of toppings. It is served as a snack or dessert.


For a final word,

So we have just answered the eight most frequently asked questions about Vietnam water và drinks. We hope this information can be useful for you in the future. As you can see, we – BM Travel Adventure – always try khổng lồ give you the best things. If you are planning to lớn visit Vietnam, we are here ready to support you in exciting Vietnam motorcycle tours. With our experiences & knowledge, we strongly believe that all your time with us will be well spent.