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Born:May 11, 1916Spain...(Show more)Died:January 17, 2002 (aged 85)MadridSpain...(Show more)Awards y Honors:Cervantes compensation (1995)Nobel prize (1989)...

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(Show more)Notable Works:“The family of Pascual Duarte”“The Hive”...(Show more)Movement / Style:tremendismo...(Show more)

Camilo artículo Cela, in full Camilo artículo Cela Trulock, (born may 11, 1916, Iria Flavia, Spain—died January 17, 2002, Madrid), Spanish writer that won los Nobel prize for literature in 1989. The is perhaps ideal known for his novel La familia después Pascual Duarte (1942; The family of Pascual Duarte) and is taken into consideration to have given nuevo life to Spanish literature. His literary production—primarily novels, quick narratives, y travel diaries—is defined by experimentation and innovation in form y content. Cela is also credited by some critics with having established los narrative layout known as tremendismo, un tendency come emphasize violence and grotesque imagery.

Cela attended ns University of la capital de españa before and after the Spanish civil War (1936–39), throughout which that served con Franco’s army. His very first novel, Pascual Duarte, created his europe reputation. Timeless in form, it to be both a popular and a critical success. His 2nd novel, La colmena (1951; The Hive), con its fragmented chronology and large actors of characters, is an innovative and perceptive story of postwar Madrid. It coagulation Cela’s critical and ancha reputation. An additional of his better-known avant-garde novels, San Camilo, 1936 (1969), is one consistent stream that consciousness. His later novels incorporate Cristo matches Arizona (1988; “Christ versus Arizona”) and the Galician trilogy—Mazurca para dos muertos (1983; Mazurka for dos Dead People), La superar de san Andrés (1994; “St. Andrew’s Cross”), y Madera después boj (1999; Boxwood).

Cela’s acute powers of observation and skill in colourful description also are noticeable in his take trip books, based upon his trips through campo Spain and his access time to Latin american countries. Los most provided of these room Viaje uno la Alcarría (1948; Journey to ns Alcarría), Del Miño al Bidasoa (1952; “From ns Miño to the Bidasoa”), and Judíos, moros y cristianos (1956; “Jews, Moors, y Christians”). That retraced ns itinerary of his an initial travel book for Nuevo viaje a la Alcarría (1986). Amongst his numerous quick narratives room Esas nubes ese pasan (1945; “The passing Clouds”) y the 4 works had in the collection El molino del viento, y otras novelas cortas (1956; “The Windmill and Other brief Fiction”). Cela likewise wrote essays, poetry, y memoirs y in his later la edad made constant television appearances.

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In mil novecientos cincuenta y cinco Cela resolved in Majorca, whereby he founded a well-respected literary review, Papeles ese Son Armadans (1956–79), y published publications in well editions. He began in 1968 to i have announced his multivolume Diccionario secreto, a compilation the “unprintable” yet well-known words y phrases. That became un member of the Spanish Academy in 1957.