C 5M Super Galaxy

Designed to increase the capacity of ns C-5 Galaxy to carry on until 2040, ns C-5M supervisor Galaxy is ns military plane in service of los United States atmósfera Force. That is an enhanced version outfitted with nuevo engines y enhanced avionics and one of los largest armed forces transport plane in the world.

Manufacturer: no Lockheed martin Aeronautics no Country: United principal Manufactured: 2006 to: current no ICAO: no C5M no Price: no US$100.37 million (2016) no
no Avionics: Versatile integrated Avionics (VIA) software system Engine: 4x GE CF6-80C2Turbofan Power: 51,000 pound-force no Max Cruise Speed: cuatrocientos cincuenta knots833 Km/h no Approach speed (Vref): ciento treinta y cinco knots take trip range: 2,300 Nautical Miles4,260 Kilometers no Fuel Economy: servicio Ceiling: 41,000 feet price of Climb: 2100 feet / minute 10.67metre / 2nd Take turn off Distance: mil seiscientos cuarenta y seis metre - 5,400.20 feet Landing Distance: 1097 metre rápido 3,599.04 feet
no Max Take turn off Weight: 417,305 Kg919,991 lbs Max Landing Weight: Max Payload: no 129,274 Kg284,997 lbs Fuel Tank Capacity: no 51,150 gallon193,623 litre no Baggage Volume: ochocientos ochenta m3 / 31,077 ft3
Seats —apoyándose Economy / General: Seats - Business Class: no no Seats -papposo First Class: no Cabin Height: no 4.1 metre -papposo 13.45 feet no Cabin Width: 5.8 metre - 19.03 feet no Cabin Length: 37 metre rápido 121.39 feet fuera de Length: no 75.5 metre -papposo 247.70 feet Tail height: 19.84 metre - 65.09 feet no Fuselage Diameter: Wing expectancy / Rotor Diameter: 67.9 metre —apoyándose 222.77 feet Wing Tips: cuales Winglets no



C-5M súper Galaxy Production and Development

In 1998, the C-5 Avionics Modernization routine (AMP) began with uno $454 million contract. This regime was set to modernized ns cockpit of los C-5 aircraft including avionics update to Global atmósfera Traffic administration compliance, upgrading interaction system, newly installed flat panel displays, boosting navigation and safety, and having an boosted autopilot system.

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In December 2001, the Reliability Enhancement and Re-Engining program (RERP) contract was initiated. The program features new F138-GE-100 (CF6-80C2) turbofan engines from General Electric, better engine pylons, auxiliary Power units (APU), thrust reversers, boosted skin y frame, restrengthened landing gear, modernized cockpit, y upgraded pressurization systems.

In December 2002, ns first upgraded aircraft under los Avionics Modernization routine took that maiden flight. In October 2004, ns aircraft was yielded to the United States aire Force.

In may 2006, the upgraded aircraft was designated as the C-5M super Galaxy.

On June 19 2006, ns first test aircraft of ns C-5M take it its first flight with an ext than fifty-one flight hours. In December 2008, the was ceded to los United States air Force because that operational testing. In November 2006, the second prueba aircraft made its first flight. Ns first and second prueba aircraft were originally C5-B versions.

In in march 2007, los third C-5M test aircraft, which is an upgraded C-5A take it its maiden flight.

C-5M supervisor Galaxy Design

The C-5M súper Galaxy combines more than seventy improvements y reduced operating cost. That boasts integrity enhancements and efficiency in performance. It has actually an fuera length the 75.5 meters, around 3 meters much longer than an aerobús A380 superjumbo aircraft. It has un height of 19.84 meters.

The aircraft has a wingspan the 67.89 meters y a soup area of quinientos ochenta square meters. It is additionally fitted with five set of landing gears y twenty-eight wheels. The C-5M súper Galaxy would certainly not right in many of ns hangars since of its size. In couple of cases, in order for the aircraft to fit inside, the atmósfera Force will have to make a hole in ns sliding doors for the tail come stick out.

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The plane has a huge interior. It has a correo hold the 36.8 meters in length, 5.8 meters in height y 4.1 meters in width. Ns C-5M can transport outsized cargo over intercontinental flights and able to take off y land on about short runways. Los nose y the aft doors are both open, letting los ground crew to load y off-load cargo at los same time representar both ends, which resulted to reduced cargo transfer times.

C-5M supervisor Galaxy Cockpit

The C-5M supervisor Galaxy features un modern glass cockpit with un digital autopilot, multimode interaction suite, digital flight control system, enhanced navigation radios, flat panel displays y safety equipment. It included datalink capabilities and improved situational awareness display screens that contribute to vuelo performance y situational awareness of los crew.

The C-5M súper Galaxy is additionally equipped with ns maintenance diagnostic mechanism that records and evaluates datos from seven thousand cheque points, to decrease maintenance and repair time.

C-5M super Galaxy Engine y Performance

The general Electric CF6-80C2 high-bypass turbofan engines offer power to the C-5M super Galaxy. Los aircraft has 4 engines which producido a twenty-two percent much more thrust or 51,000 lbf each. It has a fan diameter the 2.36 meters y an airflow of 1,750 pounds per second. It has uno pressure relación of 30.4 and a bypass ratio of 5.15.

There is second stage to the bajo pressure compressor and a 5th stage to the bajo pressure turbine. Los Cf6-80C2 incorporates an established core with ns modern technical innovations to carry out greater reliability, longer life, y lower fuel burn in the class.

The C-5M súper Galaxy has uno thirty percent shorter take off or 1,646 meters, and a landing distance of 1,097 meters. It has a rate of rise of 2,100 feet período minute, a longer travel selection of 4,800 nautical miles with a 54,431 kg the payload or 2,300 nautical mil with maximum cargo capacity.

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It has un maximum take it off weight of 416,305 kg and a fuel tank volume of 51,150 united state Gal.


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