Bodas de sangre grec

Federico garcía Lorca

From Grec... Come Grec! One of the festival’s best hits representar the last edition returns: ns production i beg your pardon talks about life’s biggest themes, based upon a series of traditions and customs i beg your pardon lead ns characters come tragedy...

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Life, death, love... These are ns axes around which the fate of ns protagonists the this tragedy evolve. Uno tragedy developed in the mind of ns poet desde Granada, who con this production, returns to los stage this hora placing focus on musicality y the poetry of the text. That deals con characters that follow their instincts and who enable themselves to get brought away by passion, jealousy and an selection of dark feel which lead them towards death. Ns whitewashed walls and the red blood envelop los main protagonists, dos lovers who space surrounded through dry y strong characters in a show conceived together a largo poem. Oriol Broggi, los same directivo who this year opens ns Grec reparado in the Grec Theatre, stages uno performance that has actually some exceptional actors together its protagonists (among them clara Segura y Nora Navas) y that has live música brought to you by the well-known musician, Joan Garriga, who lugged various successful música fusion tasks to life such together Dusminguet or La Troba Kung-Fú.

A La Perla 29 Production.

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In cooperation with Grec dos mil diecisiete Festival that

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Author: Federico garcia LorcaDirector and Stage Spacing: Oriol BroggiMusic: Joan GarrigaPerformers: Ivan Benet, Anna Castells, Nora Navas, Pau Roca, limpio Segura, Montse Vellvehí y a caballoMusical Interpretation: Joan Garriga, Marià Roch, Marc SerraWardrobe: Berta RieraLighting: Pep BarconsSound: Damien BazinVideo: Francesc IsernCharacterisation: Helena Fenoy, Marta FerrerAssistant Director y Stage Support: Anna CastellsStage Manager: Anna CuscóPhotography: Bito CelsPoster Design: Albert CanoGraphic Design: Andrea Gusi, Josep Dols







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