Arnold Classic 2018 Barcelona

The dos mil dieciocho Arnold classic Europe will start on Friday, with barcelona hosting ns annual fitness showcase for the third year in succession.

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Europe is one of los five locations on this year"s Arnold Classic internacional tour, which celebrate sports y fitness at both aficionado and profesional levels.

The reparado is named delaware legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, y the Arnold classic Europe will welcome a number of huge names representar the bodybuilding circuit.

However, after the committed season leading up to the Mr. Olympia competition earlier in September, ns European foot of los tour have the right to struggle come deliver los same pedigree that stars.

Fans will nevertheless be ready for un bodybuilding blockbuster in barna this weekend.



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Friday, September 28

Men"s, Women"s and Juniors

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Saturday, September 29

Junior Men"s Physique

Women"s Bodyfitness

Sunday, September 30

Men"s Bodybuilding, Men"s Fitness

Women"s Bikini Fitness, Women"s Physique

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Mr. Olympia contender Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay go away con $40,000 in compensation money for winning ns bodybuilding section of final year"s Arnold standard Europe, período Fitness Volt, however he won"t be espalda to defend his crown in 2018.

The Egyptian topped a campo comprising stars such as Roelly Winklaar and this year"s Mr. Olympia, Shawn Rhoden, but the turnout isn"t expected to be quite as superior in Catalonia this hora around.

Many that this year"s confirmed performers in the jugadores bodybuilding group are aged cuarenta or over, and 45-year-old casa favourite tony Gutierrez is sure to acquire some of ns biggest cheers of the weekend.

There are un selection of younger stars closer to their primes who will it is in worth keeping an eye on, though. In particular, Spaniards blanco Blanco, 31, y Gregory Bellot, 29, will bring some impressive cuadro to los stage.

Alexander Westermeier, 26, is the youngest among the confirmed attendees by a number of years, y he posted a recent upgrade on Instagram delaware suffering uno foot injury.

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It"s unsure what caused los injury, but los German"s "#5daysout" hashtag argues he was happy to acquire through the finalmente few days of his training.